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Shmiracles said

Tea Places in Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam, and Hamburg?

it’s far in advance but i’m taking a trip and was wondering if there are specific tea places in any of these cities that anyone super recommends?

i don’t want to miss out on the best tea experience!

some cities are so big that it’s hard to even trust online reviews. i figured any first hand knowledge anyone can offer would be great.

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momo said

I’ve been to Paris and Brussels but didn’t really get enough time in Brussels to go tea shop exploring. In Paris there’s of course Mariage Freres, Dammann Freres, Fauchon. I was so overwhelmed I ended up more comfortable with the smaller selection there is in La Grande Epicerie de Paris which is just awesome for more than just tea, and I recommend checking it out. It’s kind of funny to see things like marshmallows in there as something super exotic and worth a high price.

In Germany, TeaGschwendner is all over the place, their website says they have 3 shops in Hamburg.

Shmiracles said

you are the second person to tell me about Mariage Freres. so that is an obvious must!
plus i will be only a 10 min walk from one!

i have just spent way too much time on http://www.fauchon.com/en/ and http://www.dammann.fr/ haha

i really appreciate the feed back :)

momo said

Haha yeah I spent too much time on Mariage Freres’ site beforehand. I just completely freaked out in the store though because I knew I was going to leave with way more than I needed. Thankfully in the future I should get to be there for work if all goes to the plan I have for myself AND I should have the money for going crazy there in that case!

Also if you like hot chocolate, there’s a place near on rue de Ecole de Médecine called Pâtisserie Viennoise that is AMAZING. A lot of blogs will tell you about Angelica or some other place, this is a tiny little shop and it’s like drinking pure, bittersweet chocolate.

And if you like falafel, definitely go to L’As Du Falafell on rue des Rosiers.

Here is my Yelp list of places, it’s somewhat chronological about where I went so Paris is at the bottom. Yelp didn’t add Belgium until far after I went so I only made sure to review the fries. http://www.yelp.com/list/my-may-in-europe-paris

Shmiracles said

thank you thank you! i’m not going till April. (i know i know it’s so far away but i’m training for the Paris Marathon so i think about it every day) (and planning is lots of fun!)
i’m taking lots of notes of your valuable recommendations!
i love falafel!

momo said

oh I understand, I was plotting a year in advance that I was even going. I found out about this study abroad trip the May prior to it before I even technically started at the school and knew I had to go. I really wanted to stay in Paris forever, which was interesting because I had been really in love with Germany before we got to Paris!

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Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy. I have a treat for you. You MUST go here: http://us.palaisdesthes.com/en_us/ in Paris. It is spectacular, I’ve never seen so much amazing teas in once place in my life. Last time I was there, there were a bunch of different locations. There is also one in Brussels.

Shmiracles said

yay! if i don’t make it to palaisdesthe in paris then i am staying only a 6 min walk from it in brussels! SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TOO!
but as tea lovers you understand how extra exciting a tea wonderland is.
i’m gonna be penniless!….but rich in tea.

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JasonCT said

Why don’t you plan on taking me and I’ll be glad to show you around?

Shmiracles said


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Dinosara said

My favorite tea place in Paris is Dammann Frères, but obviously places like Mariage Freres and Le Palais des Thés are also great. You could also hit up Kusmi, another french tea company.

A good place for an “afternoon tea” would be Ladureé. Their pastries, and especially their macrons, are to die for, and I hear their cafe is very nice. I’ve never had a sit-down snack there, but I’ve always wanted to.

Shmiracles said

i did browse Kusmi last night too ! hah
apparently I will be staying one block away from one. i am gonna drive my boyfriend CRAZY with all my tea shoppe demands. i can see it already.
but it sounds like Ladureé won’t be too hard to talk him into :)
thank you so much!

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