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O' Canada, Hugo Tea has a question for you. (Update: First 3 take part)

Greetings Neighbors to the North,


After spending two days on the phone/email with the Canadian Customs and Canadian Revenue Agencies (and reading dozens of forms and regulations), we would like to make a “test” run of sales to Canada.

What does this mean for you?

It means that, for a select number of Canadian Customers, we will offer 25% off all teas and free shipping over $40. Otherwise, shipping will be only $5. (Sorry Americans, deal isn’t available to you) :-(

Because we don’t want to overwhelm our systems and fail, we are offering this only to the first three (3) customers who place their order. To place your order/express your interest. Email us directly at [email protected] with the teas and quantities you want, and we will arrange it from there.

This is unorthodox, we know. But we think it’s the best way to go about it.

Cheers, Cheers, Cheers.
Tyler Beckett
Founder, Hugo Tea Company

38 Replies

I’m Canadian, but haven’t had a chance to order tea online yet. I do, however, frequently order horse stuff from American websites because despite added shipping charges, it usually works out to be significantly cheaper for me to order online than to shop locally or have a local store bring it in for me.

In my experiences with ordering large items (horse blankets and the like) online, private courier service has been the cheapest and safest way of shipping. I’m happy to wait a few weeks for something to arrive, if I know it will actually get here intact, and not be held up at customs for months on end. I also like that the website I use most gives me the option of saying that the package requires a signature or not, so if it’s something that will fit in my mailbox or between my screen and main door, I’ll say no signature required, but for larger packages i’ll ask to have to sign for it so it’s not left out in the open.

I also use private courier to send things to my friend in Tennessee from here on Vancouver Island because mail will actually get to her. When I’ve sent things via regular post, it’s either been sent back to me claiming it was unable to be delivered, or it gets lost, and that really bothers me.

Long story short, I prefer shipping via courier and don’t mind paying an extra couple bucks for peace of mind.

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Cedes said

Hi I’m a canadian aswell. I order tea online all the time. Seems like most tea company’s are american. Shipping isn’t too bad anywhere from a week to 3 weeks. I’m fine with waiting cause I know the tea will be worth the wait :)

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Hey Hugo, hear my SHOUT?

Yes, I am a proud Canadian and I do order from you American neighbours on a regular basis ( a little more than I should probably!)

Of course I choose companies that offer a great product along with reasonable shipping charges…

I think it’s great that you are looking into it this way, hope to count you among my favorite tea vendor in a near future :-)

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Proud Canadian here too. I sometimes order online, depending if shipping charges are reasonable, etc.

What is reasonable?

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Meg said

Another Canadian here! I order from American sites as long as shipping is reasonable. It takes a bit longer sometimes, but it isn’t really a big deal :)

What do you consider reasonable?

Meg said

5-$10. Definitely nicer when it’s free with a minimum puchase (under $50 I’m usually ok with, love seeing some companies around the $35 mark!)

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Holls said

I’m also Canadian! :) I love to shop online for various things, including tea. Sometimes when I see that the price to ship is more than the price of the item(s) I’m buying, I just exit the page & get all bummed out for a few minutes. But what frustrates me even more is when I have a full cart & there isn’t a single option for shipping to Canada. It’s nice when people think of us, haha.

I personally love ordering from DavidsTea because shipping is extremely reasonable & it ships to me two days after I place my order. Which is very rare for Canadian shipping… our postal service is, uh, slow. (In my personal experience, anyway.)

What is the typical shipping charge in your experience?

Sil select said

If places are going to charge me 15$ or more for shipping ill pass….unless its for something like tea wares. Most of the places I shop at either offer free shipping (even to Canada) with a minimum 35$ order OR its around 5$-10$ max

Holls said

Yes I agree with Sil! 10$ would be the max that I would be willing to pay for shipping… and only if I REALLY wanted the item(s).

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Proud Canadian

I almost exclusively order online from American tea companies

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Sil select said

Canadian here and I shop online quite a bit! In fact the variety down south is such that I’d rather often shop down there and get most annoyed when they either don’t ship to Canada OR it starts at 15$ for shipping. Ugh.

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MissLena said

Canadian here :) I order from American companies as long as the shipping is decent, I like low free shipping thresholds ($30 – $40 is excellent) and I don’t mind paying shipping for tea (doesn’t include teaware) as long as it’s below about $10. Love the tea selection of US companies though! I wish a few more would ship to Canada actually! The wait is a bit longer, but the tea is always worth it, almost moreso as you have more time to anticipate its arrival!

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I order online from the USA especially if the shipping is reasonable!

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