GatorTea said

Help me find This Teapot

Ok so I was on Mandala Tea’s website and loved this one but its sold out! I really like the design and want it for my pu-ers. Can you help me find a similar or replacement one? And I realize they have a 225mL version but I think thats too big for my gong fu cha.

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Sil select said

May be able to send team an email and find out when they’ll be back in stock? Unless that’s a case of when its gone, its gone. Ill keep my eyes peeled for you thought.

mrmopar said

here is an ebay link, too bad garret is out of them. item numbers 321020437341 or this listing 130812073246 good luck!

I have one similar to this. I got mine from Zen Tea, mine has a scenic design on it though.

Then, here is another one. This one is similar shape and size, but different color clay.

Hope these help you if Garret doesn’t give you good news of when he plans on restocking.

tperez said
GatorTea said

Thanks, this one is my favorite sofar, just not sure if I can justify spending one hundred on a teapot haha. Maybe for Christmas?

Serenity said

I hope you find it; I just love it!

Will said

This shape is actually called ‘shi piao’ (meaning stone dipper). If you search for this, it may help you find one that you like. The shape of the foot, the angle of the sides, etc. will vary from pot to pot, and some will have calligraphy or other decorations on the side.

I think you can get a better pot than the Red Blossom one for the same money, but I don’t have any specific recommendations.

I like the shape of a couple of these, but people have had mixed results with their products, and a bit outside your price range.
[their English language store is at, but doesn’t seem to be working right now] They do have a range of sizes.

You might want to email Stéphane of Teamasters blog and see if he has any more of these. I think they are good quality and should still be around your price range.

mrmopar said

this one is close ebay id 330839813075 or this one 330832130840

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