Now that Teavana has been Sold to Starbucks for 620 Million How Are You Feeling?

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I had never heard of teavana until I joined this site, and I have little use for starbucks. I use a small handful of Tazo teas, most in summer.
Now having heard of teavana, I don’t find the product line markets well to my tastes, I am grateful to be able to remain indifferent to the whole deal.

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Crystal said

I’ve been to the Teavana store in Honolulu and their sales tactics are super pushy. Their teas are okay, but I prefer Lupicia and Kusmi (two other tea vendors I’ve tried).

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momo said

I have a friend in the coffee business who hates Starbucks and he is defending the heck out of Teavana to me on Facebook….baffling.

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Mark B select said

I’m ashamed to say I too got my start brewing loose leaf tea from Teavana. I’m no hater, but a small amount of research will reveal many cost effective and fresher alternatives online and often locally.

Though when I heard they had a 75% off sale I dropped everything I was doing and braved the traffic in my local mall’s parking lot to buy a half pound of their Gyokuro. At $5/2oz (usually $20), I was happy to stockpile. I like that tea. A fine Gyokuro IMHO. I’m not much of a blend guy, so wasn’t t taken in by many of their other offerings. But at such a steep discount I couldn’t help but buy a couple/four oz. here and there of white, black and an oolong. I wish they’d let me sample them first. I like that about Bird Pick. I was also pleased to see the employees refresh each of the teas I was choosing from newly opened vacuum sealed bags.

I kinda like Teavana accessories too. I almost got a fancy digital water boiling system, but even at 50% off, I fought the urge. I DID buy one of those clay lined tumblers for cheap. That’s some tea paraphernalia that I have a hard time justifying, but the price sucked me in. For what it’s worth, nobody sold me hard, they pointed out things, but I succumbed to my own desires.

I’m no Starbucks hater. As a caffeine delivery system, I find they offer a powerful cup of joe. And as decaf goes, I’ve found I prefer their coffee to others. I hope the two companies are good for each other. I’m curious to see how they are incorporated. I know when I’m traveling in the US, and run out of my supply of travel tea, I can always swing by a local mall and stock up on something palatable at Teavana. If being absorbed into the SB’s family means they’ll be even more available, I’m all for it. But I’m not terribly hopeful. I’d be more concerned if Teavana was more of a boutique seller and got purchased by SB.

There’s no shame in it… the point is that you got your start

And Teavana still has a few things I like. I for one will strive to drink the things I like, and maybe it’s not the most prestigious or best quality all the time. I don’t care though, all that matters is that I like it.

Tea is supposed to be enjoyed.

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