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Late night cuppa cravings

Evening All! It is 10:34 PM and I am up bored. But I just made scones for the 2nd time and for the 2nd time they came out all humongous. What’s everyone up to???

Photo of my scones. :)


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Josie Jade said

Oh I would love a copy of your scone recipe! Mine always turn out rather flat. :(

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I have the look right, but they just aren’t buttery enough for me yet. I found the recipe on allrecipes.com this one has no sour cream.


Josie Jade said

Thank you!!

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Also decided to drink a cinnamon vanilla Tisane since its so late. :)

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Claire said

Those scones look delicious! I am drinking Mandala’s phatty cake while I wind down for bed.

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JasonCT said

Oh my those do look yummy!
Had about 5 cups of tea (all bagged) at work, so I’m having some seltzer water before bed.

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Thanks all! I don’t think I have had any tea today, been so busy I forgot all about tea time. But its late so its herbal tea time. :)

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Serenity said

Wow, Lady of Spaydes, those look scrumptious! Here’s some sconey wisdom I learned in case it helps anyone in their baking ventures: if you want buttery, light scones, then keep your butter so chilled. The bowl, the baking sheet: keep in chilled, and keep that butter so chilled, even put it in the freezer for a bit, and then when you blend the butter in, you are blending it into crumbles…prolly not explaining it well lol but that is the scone secret passed down from my mother, who was an excellent baker, and grew up with scones and other Scottish/UK baked goods. xo

cuppaT said

That would make little “butter bubbles” within the dough. Excellent idea! Many thanks to you and to your mom. I’ll try it on my next batch scone.

this seconded. you don’t want to blend the butter in, just cut it in so there are tiny cold butter pebbles all through your dough.

Serenity said

Yes!! “tiny cold butter pebbles”! That.

Great tip! The method is called “cutting.” I keep forgetting to do that, I throw all my ingredients on the counter before I start throwing things together and by time I get to the butter its soft and warm. XP

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Sare said


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Badump! Its 4:11 AM Pacific Standard Time and I am awake because my boyfriend’s brother decided to wake us up at 9pm after my boyfriend and I were sleeping well to see if we wanted to play a board game; thus wasting the 24 hours of hard work I did over the course of 48 hours that entails my sleep schedule reset before school starts. >.>

Tonight we tested Lupicia’s muscato oolong to see how many times we could immediately resteep it in the process of making enough for a pitcher of iced tea. We made 3 quarts, decided we’d made enough tea and those beautiful leaves were still going strong!

Anywho, I was at a convention all weekend, which was fun. I wanted to throw a little teaparty, but it turned out that the convention already had a teaparty of it’s own planned out, and I wouldn’t want to take from that. I think ill definitely do one at EQLA, the summer MLP convention. I am so looking forward to it! Its like I am already there. :)

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Dapper Tea said

Those look amazing! I like to whip up a batch of Earl Grey cookies with my afternoon tea, but I’m still working on finding the perfect recipe for it.

Janefan said

I love this one: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/claire-robinson/earl-grey-shortbread-cookies-recipe/index.html
I’ve made a couple times with Earl Grey, and also used a combo of match/jasmine green tea once. A friend also made it with thai tea mix (powdered). It’s very versatile (and super simple, IF you have a food processor!)

Mmm will have to try. I think I like eating earl grey (not the leaves mind you) better than drinking it, my Earl Grey pancakes require absolutely no syrup. No recipe sorry, just substitute the water with brewed tea.

How interesting! My boyfriend loooooves this Earl Grey Chiffon cake we find at the local asain market. It took a while, but it has grown on me. :)

Dapper Tea said

That sounds great; I will definitely try it! Thank you!

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