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Kelsy said

Just got suckered in at Teavana

I’m 25 and new to tea (this is my first post on this site, too). In the past, I never really liked tea, which I sampled when friends made it. More recently, though, I was at a craft fair with my mom which featured a tea vendor. We left with a couple bags of $7 roobios (spelling?), which I greatly enjoy.

Last year for Christmas I bought my mother a beautiful canister at Teavana and half a pound of tea in it, although I couldn’t tell you what kind it was. I think my grand total was close to $45. I was okay with it because it was a nice gift for my mom and I knew she liked the tea because we had sampled it in the store.

I was just in there again with the intention of buying my mother a gift, and I left with goods totaling $127. I am in shock and have no idea what to do. A pound of tea (which I have come to realize is A LOT) came to $96. I know that Teavana does returns, but does anyone know if you can return a blended tea? I liked one of the samples and it was a blend of two teas.

Is this the end of the world? No. As a last resort, I can add some to my mother’s tin and keep the rest for myself. Will I ever buy tea from Teavana again without asking the price first? No. Because in my naive state, I didn’t realize how much of a price difference there is between two different kinds of tea.

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Claire said

You should be able to return anything you purchase there. I’d go in with the receipt and just say I didn’t want it and be firm.

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Em said

I agree with Claire. Be firm. Here’s the return policy on the website: http://www.teavana.com/customer-service/help#ReturnPolicy. You should be able to return no problem.

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momo said

You can return ones that are blended, in the short time I could stand working there, people brought them back probably for the very reason of getting duped. If they tell you no, despite the fact they’re supposed to take it back, then call corporate customer service.

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Agreed with both of them, I returned a hot cup of tea the other day…they weren’t very friendly about it but customer satisfaction is what keeps people coming back, so they should be able to do a return for you. Don’t worry about, if you don’t buy a ton of loose tea, it’s easy to mistake the price on the bucket for price per pound rather than per 2oz. My dad bought my brother a pound of tea from Teavana thinking it was $9 a pound, when he paid $72 for half a pound he was shocked :p

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Zeks said

Ordering online is usually much cheaper. You should consider this option instead of buying Teavana’s overpriced stuff.

Kelsy said

Any recommendations?

Sil select said

Butiki teas
Della terra
Kally tea
Red leaf
Upton imports
…..to name a few, there are lots more :)

52 Teas!
Persimmon Tea
Whispering Pines
Tea Table

Uniquity said

Wow, most of my faves are listed but DAVIDS Tea has good flavoured stuff too : )

LOOOOVE Della Terra!! Try Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and Winter Nog :)

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Andie select said

That happened once to my sister, and I think they only allowed her to exchange it.. Not sure though.

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Uniquity said

I would definitely try a return. When shopping there (or anywhere) in future, you might want to try buying a small amount first and deciding if you love it enough to buy a full pound. I learned the hard way that a pound is a lot, even when it’s cheap. ((I will never run out of Vanilla Comoro, heh)).

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Josie Jade said

Oh my goodness, how expensive! I am really bad at standing up to pushy sales people and get nervous and usually cave in just to get out of the store. This is one reason I don’t like shopping at Teavana. Be strong and return it, they should be polite and honor their return policy.

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Kelsy said

Yes, that’s exactly what I thought, Josie Jade! After reviewing my receipt during my dinner break at work, I have discovered something interesting. The sales person told me she couldn’t quite fit a pound of the youthberry wild orange blossom blend in the pound canister and asked if I wanted another 2 oz of tea to make a pound. Well, the receipt shows she fit 15.9 oz into the canister and then gave me 4.8 oz of a citrus lavender sage/opus rogue blend to make the “2 oz,” which I have been told is their minimum weight when selling.

I am certainly not at fault here and should have been proactive about asking for prices/knowing when enough was enough, but also feel that this specific sales person (whose name is conveniently located on the receipt) took advantage of me being a “newbie” to the store by not telling me any prices.

I am a librarian, and at our library it is policy that we warn our patrons that putting an item on hold at another library and having it sent to ours costs $1. I certainly think for something that sells at $6 an ounce, I should be told outright how much it will cost before it is scooped out and blended, especially when the blend I’ve purchased is one of the store’s “most popular,” according to the website

I emailed their customer service department and asked if blends can be returned, as their return policy is very vague and seems to indicate that any tea can be returned or exchanged, and they do not specify what qualifies an item for these returns/exchanges:

“We want you to be happy! You can return/exchange tea or merchandise within 90 days with a receipt. If you do not have your receipt you may give us your order number, name and address. If the order has an error that is caused by us we will refund the return shipping cost. Please note that Sale and Clearance items are a final sale.”

Will post again when I hear back from them in case anyone else is interested, but in the meantime…I’m also curious how Teavana is able to accept returns of their tea, which is sold unsealed. I would never tamper with something and then return it, but we all know there are some weird people in this world. What do they do with returns, throw it back in the tins on the tea wall and sell it to the next customer? Or are they unable to use it and just throw it out? I can’t imagine they would have a return policy if that is the case.

momo said

Sales associates are told only to talk in pounds, and the only mention of a price is when they point out that the price on the tin is for 2 oz (which is also the one exception to the pounds rule). To me it’s probably the shadiest tactic, because I was also told to distract people from seeing the price on the scale.

They do not put the tea back in the tins for sale, or at least I hope so. When I was there we got to take some returned tea home, otherwise it was going to be trashed.

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Emily M said

As a few others have mentioned, try shopping at some online tea vendors/local tea shops (if you have some near you). Chances are, you’ll find better prices and better quality tea. You might also consider shopping online at teavana.com, as you won’t be duped into anything you don’t want. The prices are there upfront, so you’ll never get a rude suprise like that again!

Gravitea said

Too true! Online is the way to go. Kelsy, all the companies listed previously are good, honest companies that sell fabulous tea. Peruse these (and other forums) and you’ll find more about Teavana’s business practices. Go online like Emily suggests and you’ll be much happier.

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