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Choose a Tea Tin to store your teas

Tins are good selection to preserve the freshness of tea, and here we have four different style tea tins to help you store your loose leaf teas or tea bags. More details about the tea tins here: http://www.teavivre.com/variety-tea-tin/

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Beautiful! They will make great gifts as well! I love the red one best but they are all lovely!

TeaVivre said

I agree with you too^^

Donna A said

Very nice!

TeaVivre said


AJ said


I love them! Especially the red and the brown ones. So pretty! :-)

And I just ordered the brown one for my best friend for xmas. :-)

Sil select said

These are pretty. What’s on the top of the brown one?

TeaVivre said

They’re some Chinese words and english sentences on it.

Sil select said

Thank you! I really love these

I like the black pumpkin type one :)

Fantastic news! I heard Teavivre was going to be adding tea tins soon. I’ll have to start planning another order (while 2 are currently on the way – yikes!) :)

Crocuta said

I’m kind of a sucker for that pumpkin one. It’s so cute!

Loving them! Above all, love your website! Everytime I place an order, I am reminded that you offer one of the best tea website available. So much information and good pictures on everything you sell :-)

TeaVivre said


I bought two of them to store some tea I have previously from you :) I went for the red tin and brown tin.

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