seedchan said

Matcha in cold water?

I recall reading of people who mixed matcha directly in their water bottles. Most instructions say to add hot water though. Is it okay to mix it directly into cold water?

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James R said

Yes it’s definitely OK!

Definitely! I pretty much only ever drink my matcha cold, usually whisked into cold water or cold soy/almond milk!! guarantees it won’t get bitter too!

seedchan said

Thanks! This is my first time making matcha and it works be great for a convenient way to get my tea fix at work :D

Donna A said

I’ve had no problem making chilled lattes by whisking my matcha into cold water and adding milk or almond milk. Since matcha leaves don’t dissolve and don’t need to be brewed like tea leaves, it is ok to do this.

Lala said

Has anyone tried making cold matcha in a container like you would use to mix up protein powder, ie. a water bottle type container with an agitator ball? Does this mix the matcha good enough? Just looking for something easy to use at work.

Alphakitty said

You can do it in a plain old water bottle or tumbler! shake it pretty vigorously and you don’t need an agitator ball.

Water bottle shake works perfectly! I prefer it hot though.

i use the blender bottle for all my cold matcha needs, sometimes with protein powder in it! Best is to add the liquid first, then matcha, as the wire ball doesn’t do edges.

I also just shake up half a tsp or a full tsp into a water bottle. It’s a nice drink to have on my desk during the day especially when I’m feeling luggish :p

i have wondered about the difference in flavor between putting matcha in a shaker and using a matcha whisk…

ChaMei select said

Thank you for posting this question! I will definitely leave a tin of matcha at work but I would need to bring my own water since the tap is gross. The water dispenser is not much improvement because it isn’t changed out often so it tastes flat. So glad our municipal draws from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

Lala said

Another question: do you use the same amount of water for cold matcha as you do for hot matcha? I know this is a taste preference thing, but just trying not to waste too much of it. I usually use 1/2 tsp per 1 cup hot water. Never made it cold.

I use the same amount, 1/2 tsp for like a Poland Springs bottle

I use 1 tsp for 3/4 of a cup. Am I using too much? I following what den’s tea recommends

Matcha with cold Milk is very yummy!

ooooh, imna try this now! thanks for the tip Tommy!

Matcha with milk covers the flavor FAR too much for me. Even skim milk.
Note: I never cared for cow milk.

@yappy. Interesting. I don’t often like plain matcha + milk at all, but when I discovered flavored matcha after joining steepter, was hoping to try doing milk tea with it, especially in theory once I discovered the white and black “matcha”…which in sampling the new testers from red leaf line I discovered I can’t stand…

I am still undecided about using the matcha base in milk tea after these experiences now, but the idea of a rose or lavender matcha milk tea in the evening sounds wonderful!

I use WAY too much matcha in my milk so i guess i never really noticed that lol :)

feeesh said

Hopefully you are using Almond Milk or Coconut milk. The calcium in cow’s milk will counteract the absorption of many of the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants in Matcha.

Fjellrev said

I too mix matcha with cold water or milk and have had no problems. I actually prefer it because I find the matcha doesn’t get as bitter. The other flavours (regarding flavoured matcha) come out to play.

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