darky said

Tea company's with a very low shipping cost to mainland Europe (belgium)

I’m a bit looking to order in future from more diverse teacompany’s but its a bit hard to find shops that have cheap shipping rates to europe… maybe its intresting for me and others if people can recommend these site’s here?

tnx in advance!

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cteresa said

If you can check this thread,


it´s from a couple of months ago and there are some interesting recs, with some mention of shipping prices! I got a couple new additions to that list, though unfortunately not with cheap shipping rates.

darky said

u can always link me the new additions :)

cteresa said

I am rather flirting with www.theodor.fr but they do not have cheap shipping, seems to start at 17 or 25 euros yikes – though wonderful teas that are actually at a reasonable price if bought in a ziploc bag rather than tin.

and http://www.dammann.fr/ has also nice teas and actually has reasonable-ish prices within Europe, about 8 euros flat rate or something and free shipping if the order is past 40 euros. And their teas are nice (though I would prefer Theodor or Mariage for about the same price, except those do not have cheap shipping :( )

Infussion said

Examples of our shipping rates:

- Europe with Cyprus, Russia and Israel: 2.33€ up to 50g, 3,83 € for up to 300g
- North America, Africa: 2.5€ up to 50g, 4.7€ for up to 300g

Infussion said

If anyone is looking for a really cheap shipping we can use service without delivery confirmation. That makes all shipping rates 1.3€ lower. (Europe 1.03€ up to 50g, 2.53€ up to 300g; North America 1.2€ up to 50g, 3.4€ up to 300g)

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