tperez said

Makeshift Tea Tray

Having had a yixing pot for a few weeks and no tea tray (yet) I decided to build myself a little makeshift one. It’s nothing impressive, and probably not too durable, but it only takes about 15 minutes!

Basically its just a grate made of disposable wooden chopsticks made to fit over a toaster tray.

I drew a line about every 1/2 centimeter across the first chopstick, and used small amounts of superglue to attach the perpendicular ones. Then I let that dry, flipped it over and placed the tray on top of it to measure how far over to place the second horizontal stick. The grate sits on top of the toaster tray and is completely removable.

It’s worked well so far, but we’ll see how it holds up :P

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MissLena said

I like this idea! I might have to try and build one myself, currently I’ve just been using a plate, and it’s a pain to have to drain it out all the time and having the teacups get wet on the bottom when they sit in it. Excellent idea! :)

Uniquity said

I also use a plate. It’s maddening!

tperez said

Haha, I was using a bowl before I did this… That’s what prompted it :P

Andie select said

Really awesome idea, thanks for sharing :)

Azzrian said


That is an awesome idea! I don’ have a tray myself, so I just put a hand towel down and a small bowl for the teapot. I like your idea much better though!

joshmv said
Azzrian said

That is a great idea too!

tperez said

Ooh, that sounds great

joshmv said
cuppaT said

Nice idea! I’m thinking a piece of egg crate lighting panel cut to fit a tray and placed so that it doesn’t rest completely on the bottom.

That’s awesome!

mrmopar said

you have had a great idea on this one! i should have waited and had you send the plans to me on this one.

Bonnie said

My everyday tray is a $1 plastic tray from Walmart that’s just the right size to carry and still see the floor (I’ve kicked the coffee table and broken 3 toes). I bought a bamboo mat that’s really pretty for about $2 at the same place that fits in the tray. It works, no sliding, hot things work fine, water is ok (drips). I do have a regular gongfu pretty tray with a water catcher, but that’s not my everyday thing.
I want a tea table/tray like David Duckler!!! A big piece of wood with a nice tea animal and all the toys (pitcher, tongs, cups, Yixing). OK, this is my winning the lottery dream!
I’m fine with what I have. After all, it’s about the tea!

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