Is "Physique" tea for real?

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das cwazy!!!

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Lazey said

Pretty much doing anything while eating right and exercising will help you lose weight. Wearing green socks while eating right and exercising will help you lose weight… Whoa, just got a get-rich scheme to prey on the gullible, need some socks and fabric dye to pull it off.

No tea can miraculously make you lose weight (though anyone already reading this knows that in general tea w/o sugar or heavy creamers is healthier than soda loaded with sugar) Even tea that has a laxative won’t make you lose weight, besides helping you to empty your intestines more quickly (And yeah, people who are constipated would weight slightly more than if they were, ya know…) Your body still absorbs most/all the fat and sugars by then. Why abusing laxatives besides being unhealthy does not really work for weight loss.

Supplements like vitamins and pills with outrageous claims like Physique are not approved by the FDA and are able to get through legal loopholes by using certain words to promote their product.

I happened to be reading this cracked article about Diet fads for people who will do anything but exercise Though warning, the cracked website doesn’t always use family-friendly language.

Raritea said

Goodness! I have never heard of the ear-stapling diet… that one has got to be right up there with the tapeworm diet. Why in the world people think these would work is beyond me.

Lazey said

At best these fads waste money, at worst they can make people very sick or even kill them. Like with laxative tea can cause dehydration and prevent the body from absorbing vitamins and minerals.

It’s pretty crazy what people will believe.

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I enjoy their eye opening blog posts in which they forgot to write… anything.

I know, Lorim Epsom is for when you are still previewing the layout. You don’t publish it…. noobs.

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I left a message on their page. Not surprised it got deleted and got the BAN HAMMER. They have coupons all over their site; but they get you to drop at least around $50 or more. Pretty much their game is to get you to spend that much money in the first place to get a larger amount from you at once and give you the illusion that you are saving money when it probably isn’t that much for the materials in the first place.

I am honestly though trying to figure out what I hate more. There over priceness and false claims OR their cutesy, futesy, borderline snobby attitude. Their like annoying preppy girls. Seriously just look at these:

And look at what great articles are to come:

Luckily for them I said my post and will be send it to there website.

Can someone please submit a picture to their sexy tea contest? Ahahahahah.

I could photo shop a pornish like photo with tea in it.

I just realized that this means rule 34 is in effect here. Never though I would have seen the day tea was involved with 34

Zoltar said

rules 34 apply to all mostly what we don’t want it to apply lol but hey 34 with tea not so bad seen worst _

TEAse me? Creepy!

@Zoltar: true, I have seen way worse and weirder 34’s.
@Autumn: I know….

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This page just makes me want to laugh in their face.

I like how they’re assuming what’s in my teapot, and furthermore, how they think that their whole leaf tea in a bag is better than my loose leaf Oolong in a gaiwan.

I have “poser” tea?
Also don’t forget, tisane’s are a waste of your tea time. If it don’st have Camellia in there, your not getting your money’s worth.

Ellen said

I think she needs to retake geometry or something, fannings and bits have way more surface area than whole leaf lol

Kittenna said

Ellen – I was just going to say the exact same thing! The difference between whole leaf/fannings is that the broken up tea is more degraded due to the exposure of more of its compounds to air, and also, it releases things more quickly precisely because of increased surface area. Hence why people doing research on plant material (or anything, really), grind it up for ease of extraction, not leave it intact.

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I spent too much time looking at this junk really, you can get the same teas that they have much cheaper elsewhere even puerhs and gaba oolongs ect all loose and pretty and put them in your own bags if you choose(i like my loose tea out of the bag), There is no cure for a hangover and Tea isn’t going to shed you 40 lbs(if it did, I’d be dead)we all know that their claims are a lot of hype but unfortunately their are lots of similar claims online ~ I had to edit this comment because I tried Physiques Tea and it was good tastewise in fact the one I tried so far was a little more than just good it was kinda awesome, I know a lot of the hype here is with Physiques marketing strategy and health claims and prices and such, But I rated the tea from them based on what I felt was the most important and that was the Tea itself and not the other stuff, Physique IS for real. I’m sure that lots of folks will enjoy their teas and will not hesitate to buy them~ :) I’m just being honest

LOL so what you’re saying essentially is that with Physique tea you’re paying prime rib prices for hot dogs? (giggle)

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I’m intrigued by this company (?)/scam. I’m going to put on my investigator hat and see what I can find out. It seems like a scam, but not as subtle as the Teavana one. ;)

Well apparently they are being really nice and having their tea on sale all at $21, ERMER GERD!!!

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My fave line:
“Really, there’s nothing wrong with drinking a tisane except that it’s a waste of your tea time.” F U – I’ll spend my tea time however I want! Some people can’t drink “regular” (for lack of a better word) tea because of the caffeine. They act like they not only invented tea but branded it too.

Total joke of a company. Too funny. I do wonder what their tea tastes like. For $34 a box it better brew and infuse itself too. ;)

Lazey said

Sometimes I don’t want that Camille person in my tea. I love regular tea but I love herbals too, and different herbals do have benefits that actually have real research behind them besides a scam.

Probably tastes the same as any regular whole leaf tea, only those that drink it use more expensive kettles and use $100 bills to light their burners.

@lazey: that last paragraph is great.

Also this part always makes me die a little inside, “Some herbs might have some science to back up their benefits, but without Camellia in there, you’re not getting the bang for your buck that you deserve.”

Lazey said

Well if there tea cost $34 that should be 34 bangs… Camellia ought to sound like the 4th of July.

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I was actually really surprised they responded to my post on their facebook page, haha! And they managed to pull off a somewhat professional response, who’da thunk it?

Lucky. All I got was Ban Hammer. I loved that last sentence in your last post though…

which one? the one about doing it on a regular basis with the 200+ teas in my collection? haha!

Si, it made me giggle

glad you got a kick out of it! the sad thing is, it’s entirely true! This whole “working nights and being paid to sleep at work” thing leaves me with a LOT of free time during the day, so I find myself having tea tastings/parties, haha!

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I am now terrified I’ll have some dumb distant relative buying me this tea for xmas as overpriced = good mindset. Uggggggg!
More scared than the joke box of lipton that’ll probably be in a stocking this year.

Lazey said

Glad no one in my family can afford this stuff, it was awkward enough when I opened a snuggie during the Yankee Swap one year.

Kittenna said

I know people who think snuggies are cool… O.o

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