Is "Physique" tea for real?

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“Loose leave tea in the west is not very well known…it costs a lot of money because you can’t fake this.”
The video is hilarious. It’s like they don’t want people to know that there are tea companies? Or they think people are too stupid to figure that out….

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cuppaT said

Physic/Physique Tea. These people are too lame to even be humorous — but probably so are their customers.

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I almost wish someone would get some tea from this company so they can review it and let us know if it’s actually real… I mean, I half suspect that its all a hoax and you’d end up with some sort of energy drink(ie sugar water) in your mailbox that they claim is “tea”
Not that I would wish anyone to spend money here.

K S said

I doubt anyone here is going to buy from them, then again they have really gotten their name in circulation from this thread.

I know, I wouldn’t want them to. But… I am so curious! one of those it’s so bad it might be good scams heh

Kittenna said

Someone with a blog needs to approach them and get free samples to review ;)

Supposedly they are going to send me some samples, the owner talked to me on facebook after I posted a comment on their page there, I’m waiting to see if I get a tea to try :)

Kittenna said

Oooh, keep us updated!

I got some samples from Physique today, I got the Palladium Blend, Onyx Single Leaf Puerh and Pearl Single Leaf Oolong. I’ll be tasting and reviewing them soon. I’ll review the Palladium Blend today because it smells really good to me :)

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It looks like these dolts found Steepster and now they’re going to buffer the ratings system …

Babble said

Hahaha!! Oh man, that’s great.

Apparently they weren’t smart enough to find the discussion boards where they would clearly see we wouldn’t fall for it.

Lazey said

That’s just too funny. Makes me wish I’d drank it so I can give a review.

cuppaT said

These tasters must be related; they all look like little blue teapots.

Kittenna said

@Lazey – review it anyways! Those aren’t real people! :D

Kittenna said

@LiberTEAS – Did you mention it to Jason?

Lazey said

It’s tempting but i don’t want to spam our tasting notes. :D

I feel like I led them here. When I posted my response which was deleted and then ban hammered I had a link to Steepster….. my bad.

I kinda feel like posting a bad review and watch them try to correct me or delete it. To do or not to do?

tperez said

lol :)

Ok I’m doing that….

I don’t think that’s the answer

Kittenna said

Nah, but at least giving a low rating to bring down the average (so it’s not up where the actual good teas are) and perhaps making a comment to the effect that the below reviewers are fake could be useful. However, if the Steepster overlords can do something about it, that would be preferable. I don’t recall if they typically do in such cases.

True, that is more or less what I did. Wasn’t too mean. I think they could do something, since it kinda like spam.

More or less? You said one tasted like poop, another like bad rocks and said not to buy the bad tea in the third. I don’t like tea companies creating fake accounts and trying to skew their ratings, but call them out on it, don’t stoop to their level.


It is done. I took Kittenna’s advice and just said that the other raters are spammers and should not be trusted.

I’m sorry, what I said in caps lock came out kinda aggressive. Your right about stooping to their level.

Quite alright and well done, much more effective me thinks ;)

Education: Colorado State University, BadAss in English, Creative Writing

You would think the reviews they posted would be a bit.. better?

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Lynxiebrat said

it is interesting how all the reviewers only have a few reviews each and all of Physique Teas….Coincidence? I think not!

I haven’t mentioned it to Jason yet. These were just pointed out to me this morning by TeaEqualsBliss. I am not sure if she’s reported it to Jason yet either, I need to ask her. :)

@Lynxiegrl: Your comment gave me much lulz. (X^D)

Lynxiebrat said

grins at Ze_Teamaker I did like your idea about giving the low ratings for their tea to bring the scores down…but unfortunately yeah it would of been stooping to their level. Pffft. LOL.

The low rating is fine in this case, it balances out the fake high ones.

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Reporting to Jason now.

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teataku said

The entire mentality of this website reminds me a lot of the movie “Down With Love.” In the movie, the lead female (played by Renée Zellweger), who is an Extreme Feminist, has written a book that basically says that women need to stop letting men have power over them, take control of their own happiness, detach themselves from love which makes them weak, yada yada. At one point, it comes out that she wrote in her book that women can get the same euphoric high that comes from sex from just eating chocolate, and that when women feel they need sex, all they have to do to get the exact same satisfaction is eat chocolate.

This website, while not exactly trying to sell you the idea that tea is better than sex, definitely has those undertones, to me. Making tea out to be this beautifying, sensual, vibrant, unique experience, and going on and on and ON and ON about it… reveals just how much sand is underneath their castle.

I’m really glad that I’m not the only one who felt that way.

I’ve seen that some of the best tea can be quite an experience (I read a beautiful review about Verdant Tea’s Golden Fleece for example), it’s more in an appreciative, artful sort of way.

In my opinion, when people compare things to lovemaking, it really cheapens the subject in question.

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Jason replied back to me today. He removed the dummy accounts and is going to berate Physique for violating steepster’s TOS. I love a man of action!

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Jason admin said

Hi all, just wanted to let you know I’ve addressed the situation and things should be resolved shortly. Let me know if you see anything else you’d like me to take a look at.

Thanks so much! :)

Kittenna said

Just saw this, thank you!

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I almost want to stalk their Facebook and message the twerps who post there thinking their tea is worth that price. They’re apparently two recent grads trying to start a new tea business and selling obvious gimmicks. I wonder if the all of the tea they use is even certified organic.

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