Is "Physique" tea for real?

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Physique Tea IS for real and I received some samples from them to try, I wrote an honest review of the Palladium Tea based just on the tea itself and nothing else, It was really good. I’m sure lots of folks will try their teas and like them a lot and will be happy to buy them Beacause they taste good some may buy them for other reasons but I think those people will like the teas too :)
If you want to try Physiques Teas you can contact them on facebook and ask for a sample Asti and Rosalie from Physique says “we are happy to send samples for an honest review, that is free of pre-tasting opinions”
So go talk to them and get you a sample to try :) I recommend the Palladium Blend if ya like chocolate.

Alright tea peeps – I did what Tommy did and requested samples.

I did a tea review for Jade blend on my blog

pretty good flavor but the bag didn’t perform that well – I had a lot of sandy bits in the bottom of my cup that was gritty on my tongue.

Glad you got some sample too, I removed mine from the bags lol :)

Looks like they lowered their prices. Everything is now $13 – $20 for 30 bags (60 grams).

Sarah P said

I found it for 9.99- 14.99 on their site.

Cavocorax said

Hmmm. By some weird coincidence this thread has resurfaced the same time people have started posting about Physique tea. I remain skeptical.

Sarah P said

@cavocorax maybe it is just because more people are starting know more about it. Its a new company- obvious by all of the changes. When reading this thread I notice so much hate with you guys and this company. Its like a competition here- who can hate Physique the most. I thought this was a forum for positive and real critiques not childish banter. Many of you all should be so ashamed of yourselves for the things you have posted. You talk about tea like you are experts on your pages and reviews but how many of you have even tried this tea? Yet you feel confident that it blows? Not very good reviewing. If you have actually tried it then speak up! Your incompetence is exacerbated by the childish comments and school ground bullying. So what if their old website kinda sucked- they aren’t the first to re design a website. At least they are out there trying. That’s more than can be said about the majority of the crew in here.

Cavocorax said

Call me childish etc., but I don’t approve of companies that seed tea review websites with fake reviews and testimonials in an effort to drive customers in. It insults my intelligence. There are MANY fine tea vendors out there who can sell their tea by being professional and providing a product so good that it speaks for itself.

If Physique tea was really that amazing, people on Steepster would be buying it and talking about it. But I’ve seen them post fake reviews and comments (most of which, happily, have been reported and removed), and for that I like to warn people not to buy their teas.

Childish? Perhaps in your view. But there are better ways to promote your company. Cheap/free samples is a popular one. Lying/tricking your customers isn’t helpful, even if you’re getting smarter about how you do it.

sansnipple said

This post certainly reads like marketing/PR spam:

and sarah, no one said that the tea blows, in fact those that have tried it have said its kind of ok, its just that the price is out of proportion and their unrealistic health claims and marketing tactics are really scummy.

I’ve tried their teas. They are okay but were overpriced (though pricing seems more fair now but still on the high end) and the bags performed poorly (not filter bits or explode open). Their Jade blend wasn’t bad, I’d consider purchasing it if it came loose leaf and cheaper. Health claims.. ehhhhh, who knows? People look for anything, desperately to lose weight.

But yeah, bad move was creating a bunch of fake accounts to give high ratings. I’ve also seen reviews around acting like they are the only tea company to do a chocolate tea or loose leaf, which is also kind of off. Well, I hope they learn from their mistakes, but also Steepster doesnt’ seem like the crowd they are targeting – they want women who want to jump on the tea fad + weight loss.

But yeah.. thinking to KaiMatcha, their website is very “health conscious / weightloss” but they gave out a few for free, and us who tried it were impressed with the matcha and that spread the word throughout steepster!

Tea_newbie said

I just saw what you people are saying about me and im really ofended i though this community was supposed to be about trading information about tea and experiences and what im reading in this discussion board is all personal offenses. thats really sad!

And FYI im not working for Physique i am a Fashion Journalist in Spain….

Hi Tea_newbie. I’m afraid that you were just tied in by association. I actually saw your post and didn’t think you were insincere in your statement, but I can see why Cavocorax was suspicious. A while back there were fake accounts talking about Physique tea, but that was FOREVER AGO. I hope you still come here to learn and share your tea fun.

Tea_newbie said

Ze_teamaker thanku!! i’ve been looking at your profile and it seems like you are a real tea expert!! I would love to learn more about teas and try diferent brands! any advice?? i want to get some free samples so a i can try more and not have to buy a lot of boxes at once!! any advice?

Sarah P said

Why don’t you all write to the company if their practices are so insulting to you? Hiding in a forum certainly isn’t mature. How is the price out of proportion? Its totally within market range from what I have bought and seen at the stores. As for the health claims, if you read the site you will easily see how Chinese herbs (that have been used for centuries for their amazing health benefits) promote health and welbeing. Its obvious that what they are “claiming” isn’t a gimmick- there are hundreds of studies on the benefits of Chinese herbs and of tea- physique just puts the two together. Not “scummy”. Its new and different, which is why I like them. All the other tea companies just come out with new flavours. These guys are innovators. I never saw any fake testimonials (but you said they were removed) and out of curiosity- how do you know they were fake. You said people on steepter would be buying it if it was that good. They buy it and write about it- that is how it works… As for the free samples I know for sure they give those out because that is how I was introduced to them.

The guy who runs Steepster also gave Physique a talking to for TOS violation. (see page 3) I think that’s enough to notify them of their practices being off back then. It was a bunch of accounts, made at the same time, posting about the same teas over and over.

Teas + chinese herbs for weight loss has been around for a long time. I can go to my local asian supermarket and get a tin of slimming loose leaf for as low as $4. My all time favorite is Bojemni. New, I guess, is putting a female cool spin on the product. Nice packaging too. Love the box and bag I got the tea in.

But still, in the end. weight loss is calorie deficit. Don’t eat too much and work out often and build muscle. Tea isn’t a magic pill. It be nice though.

What Awkward Soul said. That and when they first came out they were really over priced.

WtFGoD said

not sure i approve of their marketing. they are certainly allowed to charge anything they want and call their tea whatever they like; but having at the top of each page of tea things like “Fat Control” “Matabolism Boost” “Body Toning” Ect… at random abstract levels makes it seem like they are at the very least practicing “gimmicky” marketing if not outright deceptive marketing, and @ 10-15$/oz they certainly arn’t going to hit bang/buck.

Tea_newbie said

Hello I’m new to Steepster and im loving the site, I’m falling in love with tea and actually my first tea was Physique, I loved it!
I just saw this forum and i’m shocked to see you attitude towards Physique Tea, have you all tried it???
I’ve only tried three flavors and im addicted, im currently looking for other teas to try and looking around the market!! I actually do feel metabolism boost and fat control from the tea i’ve lost 10 pounds since i started drinking it!!! if you guys have fat issues you should really try it!

i would appreciate if you would look at the talk i started here and helpp me meet new teas!!!! ;)

We are not saying that the tea tastes bad. In fact a good amount of people think it is good. What most of us don’t like is how they market their teas and what happened a while back with the fake accounts incident, but as I reiterate that was 6 months ago; this is a very old thread.

Shill much? Eesh. I don’t think you have made a single post, ever, without the word “Physique” in it…


Jason admin said

Hi All,

Let’s remember to keep things classy and constructive here. I do believe the majority of the criticisms were about the website and the marketing practices, which is acceptable, but it did also get heavy handed at times. We do want tea drinkers and tea companies to feel comfortable interacting on the site, so we definitely encourage constructive criticism. Let’s keep that in mind.

I have also been in contact with Physique tea and have informed them about our policies and given recommendations for how best to interact on Steepster, so let’s try to keep an open mind – we have seen them adjust their site in response to this feedback.

As always, let me know (jason at if anything comes up that needs my attention, I’m happy to help. That’s usually the best way to resolve these sorts of issues without having it escalate. Thanks guys!

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