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REMINISCE OVER...Lost Hits (Music)

It’s time to REMINISCE OVER…Lost Hits/Music!
Chatter about any ‘Lost Hits" you might come across! Hear something lately you haven’t heard in AGES!? Tell us! YouTube Links to videos welcome! Chatter about those Lost Hits while enjoying a Cuppa!

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REMEMBER WHEN…Madonna was in The Breakfast Club?

Lynxiebrat said

LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I had totally forgotten about that, when I 1st saw the sentence above..I was thinking of the movie….and was like wait a minute?! But anyways…I kind of wished she stuck with the punk sound and look, that was pretty cool.

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I heard “I Nearly Lost You” by the Screaming Trees. I felt so old – it’s from the 1990s, when I was in high school. I was enjoying a cuppa…Constant Comment like I would in high school! For a split second I panicked: what homework do I have?! What’s my locker combo?! WHERE IS MY LOCKER?! ;)

Fun topic! :)


K S said

I feel really old now because I have never heard of the Screaming Trees…. way too new for me.

gmathis said

(old bones creaking here) Fine. We’ll just have to post our own geriatric thread ;)


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mrmopar said

how about’ your eyes have a mist from the smoke of a distant fire’.. the sanford townsend band might be great with a lapsang.

gmathis said


mrmopar said

its an oldie but goodie!


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I’m bringing an oldie back…Independent Love Song – Scarlet and now I want to watch Bed of Roses…


mrmopar said



I’m trying to think of a song that would fit this one. Some type of “love” tea…thought?

check out my Ace of Base ref below :)

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gmathis said

One for the Moodies:


I’m thinking Cranberry Autumn could work here :)

Lynxiebrat said

Mmmm I love that song, and even the MB was a group I grew up listening to, I hadn’t really listened to that song until the last few years when I got one of their compilation cds.

Me, I would drink my new April’s Green Tea Apple to that song. (Can’t abide cranberries, :( )


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MsWhatsit said

Tea and music, music and tea…My thoughts go back to high school tap dancing class. “Tea for two and two for tea…”

Then they go back to my childhood for something that was oddly enough, more contemporary. “I had another look and I had a cup of tea and a butter pie. A butter pie?”

Oh yes!!! Tap Dance Class!!!!

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Okay…here’s a challenge for you all!
Tommy Pruitt!
Used to be an actor on Life Goes On
covered Exile’s Kiss You All Over
Totally popped in my head today and no one remembers him that I have talked to! I remember actually BUYING this when CDs were first being sold! LOL

Was he on 90210? I think I remember a Pruitt…

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Lynxiebrat said

LOL I would of liked that song back then if I had listened to it, but now…..not so much. I didn’t get much into the show Life Goes On, but I do remember thinking that Tommy Pruitt was pretty cute. I may of even had a poster or magazine picture on my bedroom wall. Probably right next to one of the New Kids On the Block posters I had up. I think at one time I had like 3 posters of them up. Heh.

So what is the challenge exactly??

I had the posters, too! LOL
Challenge = just to post random songs, etc that might pop up…just a reminisce type thing!

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I heard this one today on 90s on 9!
It’s been a while…LOVED ME SOME ACE OF BASE tho!

Ace of Base rocks! :) Yeah 90’s!

I think I will have to start ACE OF BASE Radio on Pandora – I have like over 90 channels based on groups/bands/artists this sounds like another good one to add to the mix :)

I’m the same way (on Spotify). I think I’ll add Beautiful Life to my rotation. Good stuff! :)
…and my husband makes fun of me for liking Ace of Base. ;) I actually decorated a tape dispenser, that we still use, with “Ace of Base” in whiteout. Oh, the 90’s.

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And I just added “Dreams” by The Cranberries, another 90’s classic!


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