Need a LAUGH with your TEA?

A little space for Funny-ha-has here on Steepster…feel free to add anything, jokes, videos, pics, etc.

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Lazey said

I love Cracked and that guy in the flash mob was great.

Sare said

That man was soo creepy! lol

Lazey said

lol Reminds me of me trying to convince my mother to try some looseleaf tea while she’s just as happy to stick a bag in a cup on unfiltered water then in the microwave.

Just want to say thank you for this thread, I love Steepster and the people on here for this type of thing.

If you are looking for a laugh with your tea look no farther than Akky-san, he always cracks me up!

forsythia said


Lazey said

After a tragedy like what happened today a lot of people can benefit with a laugh and some distraction.

Any Once Upon a Time fans here? I love that show, and I love reading the “OUAT Abridged series”, a well done and hilarious parody of the series. Here’s the first season:
The author has also started abridging season 2, has up to “Tallahassee” completed and will be doing “Child of the Moon” sometime next year.

Any Fringe Fans?

I love Walter Bishop. I think that Frank should do a tea called Black Umbrella. I’m not saying what he should put in that tea though …

Alphakitty said

I’d love a Fringe tea! Maybe an Observer blend that’s super spicy…

Walter is AWESOME :) Great actor that guy!

Alphakitty said

I think the ideal Walter tea would be LSD-flavored

Perhaps … although he does have a penchant for sweet things too… licorice, coffee cake, and strawberry milkshakes. Maybe the Black Umbrella tea could be licorice-y and he should also do a strawberry milkshake one for Walter too. :)

forsythia said

Tea and Cake or Death!

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