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VeryPisces said

Where do YOU buy teas originating outside of Asia?

I would like to try teas from Kenya & Malawi, and other places we don’t hear much talk about. I’m not interested in rooibos or tisanes. Do you know of good retailers I should look into and teas to look for?

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Claire said

I think both Butiki teas and Upton carry black teas from Kenya, I know Butiki carries purple tea as well:

Thanks for the mention. :)

We currently carry 5 Kenyan teas (1 white, 2 purple and 2 black teas) and will be adding 3 new ones to our website which we do have in stock (hopefully within the week-1 green, 1 purple, 1 black tea) and we also carry a Rwandan green tea and Malawi white tea.

Here is a link to our “Explore Kenya” sampler: http://www.butikiteas.com/Samplers.html

Sil select said

uh moar teas from stacy! I can see my cupboard quivering with excitement already….

Sil-Hahaha. Well, we still have quite a few in the works as well as your poached pear & caramel tea.

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Uniquity said

Davids Tea carries “Kenyan Tinderet” which I presume comes from Kenya.

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I just placed an order with Majani tea http://www.majaniteas.com/ they have wonderful customer service, and some of the best tea I have had in my life.

I love their website, it’s so clean <3

I’m intrigued; which of their teas have you liked the best?

I am partial to greens.

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We have a selection of high quality African black teas: http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/black-tea/african

From Kenya, we have 2 black teas—Kenyan Milima GFOP http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/black-tea/african/kenyan-milima-gfop.html
and Kenyan Kangaita OP http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/black-tea/african/kenyan-kangaita-op.html

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, just let us know!

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VeryPisces said

I’d love to know more about purple tea!

Here is some info on purple tea: http://www.butikiteas.com/Purple.html. Would be happy to answer or find an answer for any questions you may have. In addition to the 2 listed we also have a Royal Tea of Kenya blend called Kamba Berry that uses the purple tea as a base and has some berries and hibiscus.

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sherubtse said

TeaSource has a few that may be of interest:


Best wishes,

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VeryPisces said

Thank you everyone. Sorry for the delay- I’ve spent the week moving!

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Bonnie said

Butiki tea’s has tea from Kenya…hooray for Stacy! And even though saying Asia is broad, she does have tea at times from Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

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Simpson & Vail has teas from Bolivia and Kenya http://www.svtea.com

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sandra said

simon levelt (netherlands). organic and high quality tea. my fave!

you could also try hotsoup.nl

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