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Hi folks! I was just wondering if anyone was into reading webcomics. I have a few that I love dearly: Girls with Slingshots, Bad Machinery, and most of all, Gunnerkrigg Court. I enjoy xkcd as well, but I prefer comics that are plot driven. Anyone have favorites/recommendations?

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Bear Nuts is a fun one (and just about the only webcomic I follow)

You seem to have a thing for bears, haha.

only slightly! I may or may not own 3 different bear mugs, bought a tea called Bear Trap JUST because it was called Bear Trap (turned out to be my favourite fruity herbal), my bed may or may not have a minimum of 3 bears on it at any single time, and I definitely don’t own a black bear toque…. tries to look innocent

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Zoltar said

hmm i read lot of them too much to post list now but when i get home after work i will post them most are videogame comic but some are not

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Cavocorax said

Oh I adore Gunnerkrigg Court! I just started it last Spring and zipped through it. I stopped shortly after because I like to save them up, but… it’s hard.

Looking forward to seeing what other people suggest!

So so hard! I sometimes find myself wondering what kinds of teas the characters like, haha.

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Zoltar said

Here my list Not all are plot driven but i still include them

Cat versus Human
endless origami
exploding comics
cyanide and happiness
hotchkiss comics
least i could do
looking for group
poorly drawn lines
pusheen the cat
questionable content ( one of my fave most of the time plot driven )
saturday morning breakfast cereal
scandinavia and the world
stupid fox
the oatmeal
the system
yehuda moon and the kickstand cyclery

That the one i follow everyday i’m sure i forgot some lol

Aww, pusheeeeeen!! I’ve tried to read questionable content and I just can’t get into it for some reason.

Zoltar said

it happen to me with some comic the weirdest is comic i love then someday i can’t just seem to read them then a years later i get back to love them

Totally love pusheen :P i don’t know if i should consider it a webcomics but meh pusheen is just to cute lol

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I really enjoy Gunnerkrigg Court, and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t taken a look.

The other comic I follow? It’s kind of the opposite:
Dr. McNinja

It’s amazing. Perfectly ridiculous, but at the same time, excellent storytelling. I’d recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the preposterous, Doctors, Ninjas, Cowboys riding dinosaurs, Gorilla nurses, and Benjamin Franklin zombies.

I really want to make some Gunnerkrigg Court themed tea blends…

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Also, for anyone who wants a laugh, I would recommend Axe Cop. Written by a five year old, drawn by a 30 year old.

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Anna said


Para Abnormal

The Devil’s Panties

The Phoenix Requiem (more of a graphic novel than a comic strip)

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Lynxiebrat said

Argh, I wish I had the time to check these out, tonight.

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