Javan said

NY Times article on Darjeeling tea

The New York Times newspaper published an article (and a slide show) on Darjeeling tea growers, and their attempt to limit the marketing of Darjeeling tea to tea actually grown in the area around Darjeeling. It is an interesting article and slide show. Here is a url for the online edition of the article:

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Katiek said

Interesting article, thanks.

Lazey said

It is interesting, makes me wonder where some of the “Darjeeling” tea came from.

My mother has cheap tastes in tea (I’ve been buying looseleaf but today she proudly came home with a big box of store-brand teabags) but she absolutely loves Twining’s Darjeeling (though from what I’ve heard of Twining maybe that’s cheap taste too?) I got her some Bigelow Darjeeling a few years ago and she claims that was just as good. She had gotten a tin of looseleaf Harney & Sons Darjeeling but doesn’t like it, too bitter or something.

Not sure if what my mother loves is even real Darjeeling. The Twining’s claims to be first and second flush, Bigelow says nothing about when their Darjeeling is picked, Harney & Son’s tin doesn’t say when the Darjeeling is harvested either, though I think I read somewhere about them using Autumnal leaves.

Javan said

Lazey, I feel lucky that my experience with Darjeeling started with the Steepster tea of the month Makaibari estate Darjeeling through Silver Tips tea. I then ordered an assortment of different Makaibari estate grown Darjeeling teas that I really like. My neighbor spent last winter in India and returned with a pound of “Darjeeling” that I’m about to try this afternoon. I tend to trust Twining’s for some reason, and the statement that it is first and second flush is at least encouraging, but as that article states, the teas labelled Darjeeling will be such at least 5 years from now. I’m off to brew “natural Darjeeling tea” packaged in Jodhpur, Rajastan, India.

Lazey said

Wow, a full pound of Darjeeling. I hope it’s good :) Sounds exciting.

I drink Darjeeling now and then, though I’m really more into the flavored tea.

Since my mother likes Twining’s Darjeeling I got her two 50 count boxes of the bags for Christmas. Wherever it comes from doesn’t matter so long as she likes it I guess. Might get her a tin of their looseleaf too but have not made up my mind yet. If you’re used to the papery taste of teabags you don’t notice it.

forsythia said

I’ve been drinking Twining’s Darjeeling (bag and loose) for many years. Just bought a new tin a couple months ago.

Vwinsloe said

I just had my first cup of 2nd flush Darjeeling from David’s Tea. I hope that it was the real deal!

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