Steepster Migration

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Shae said

Question for the admins – are updates/upgrades still being made to the site or is all of that completed and the focus is now on maintenance?

Ilya Kreymerman admin said

We have ideas on improving the website, and were hoping to implement some of them before the holidays but getting the site stable and responsive took much longer that we expected. We are planning on moving forward after Christmas.

Shae said

Thanks for the update, Ilya!

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Dashboard is back to being its old self. Thanks!

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LuckyMe said

Is there a way to view all tasting notes on the Dashboard? Currently, I can only see posts from people I’m subscribed to and I like checking out notes from new users as well. If I want to pull up everyone’s tasting notes, I have to go to Would be nice to have a link to this on the Dashboard.

That would be interesting having a link or a drop-down list to choose if we want to see everyone or just subscribed people :)

Shae said

Oh I agree, this would be nice!

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I can’t post to Spammers on Steepster

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