Steepster Migration

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Steepster Dashboard is stuck on Chocolate Cauldron tasting note from Roswell Strange for me as well.

Try clearing the history/cache/cookies of those browsers. I have times where I get a “stuck” log in like you describe and that usually always fixes it where I can properly do a “fresh” login afterwards.

Thanks it worked, sometimes that doesn’t seem to work for me but luckily it did this time.

Leafhopper said

My dashboard is stuck at Roswell Strange’s note for Chocolate Cauldron. I haven’t been getting my email notifications for a while either.

VariaTEA said

My dashboard is stuck on the same note.

mrmopar said

Mine as well.

Mine is stuck, too and cache cleaning is not fixing anything.

Courtney said

Mine is also still stuck, since yesterday, on Roswell’s post for Chocolate Cauldron.

Yup, over 24 hours now… please halp!

I emailed Ilya, but it doesn’t seem to have helped at all… :(

Dustin said

Steepster is frozen and the spammers are running amuck in the discussion board! :(
I’m stuck on RS’s post too.

For what it’s worth, I’ve flagged/zapped all the DB spammers – they just don’t seem to be clearing.

Leafhopper said

Yep, still stuck. :(

gmathis said

Same issue. I am stuck on Lexie Aleah/Sleepytime Vanilla and have been since roughly 1/10/21.

Still stuck here, too.

Leafhopper said

It looks like this is becoming the Great Steepster Freeze of 2021.

Hopefully it won’t be that long!

And I didn’t even have a chance to start a “Steepster is down again” counter for the new year!

derk said

Can we please get an update from the Adagio crew?

Here, here!

Dustin said

That would be wonderful.

Leafhopper said

Agreed. It’s been four days now.

Ilya Kreymerman admin said

Sorry for the delay. We are looking into the issue now and will hopefully fix it shortly.

She lives! :D

It’s back!

Courtney said

Yay! All the tasting notes are there, but I just posted one and it didn’t appear in my feed.

Dustin said

Wonderful, thank you! :D

Thank you!

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