Steepster Migration

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Leafhopper said

Same here. I suspect this might last for a while.

I do like Martin but his older note is still stuck in my Dashboard, though it isn’t his fault. Also certain spammers are continuing to make return appearances, even though we report them.

I am not even sure if the new admins check any other message board thread than this one, such as the “Spammers on Steepster” thread to see that multiple people have kept reporting the same accounts over and over… usually it’s just the “on site mods” that look there and delete the accounts there with their “spammers newer than one month” privelege. And obviously those accounts need stricter zapping than that.

Dustin said

I bet no one is even getting the notifications that there have been updates to the Spammers thread. :/

Leafhopper said

It’s 10:00 a.m. on Monday and the dashboard still isn’t updating. Sigh. :(

Same here!

derk said

And we’re back! At least on my end.

Ilya Kreymerman admin said

Seems there was a hiccup on the Steepster server over the weekend. Should be better now.

derk said

Thank you for the update, Ilya.

I can tell it’s on! Thanks!


Yeah, the biggest problem is knowing if admin is even seeing or is aware that there is a problem.. especially when there isn’t e-mail notifications. I don’t want to send an actual e-mail to admin because I figure many others are. So if it’s possible in the future, for admin to post that they are aware of a problem, I think it would help many of us a bit more. Just to know it’s being worked on. :D

Ilya Kreymerman admin said

will do

ashmanra said

Yay! It’s back!

Also I’m not sure if anyone checked into why Kawaii433 is locked out of her account? Someone else mentioned it somewhere…

Leafhopper said

Yay! Glad Steepster’s back.

So, I woke up this morning and didn’t get any e-mail notifications for a forum thread I’m subbed too, and my Dashboard and Dashboard Notifications are not updating even though both have had updates made to it.

derk said

Last night I posted a note that didn’t show up on my dashboard. I reposted it and it appeared.

Like Mastress Alita, my dashboard is not updating other users’ notes (they do show on the recent page) and I’m not receiving notices.

What derk said.

Courtney said

My dashboard doesn’t seem to be working either. I’m not getting any notices and it’s stuck on a tea note from last night.


VariaTEA said

I am also stuck on a note from last night – I am just glad that this time it is not my note everyone is stuck with haha

We have broken Steepster again :(
I was thinking that it is because I haven’t posted today yet and I am usually the first (as you others are sleeping usually), but it seems it is stuck again. Can someone write to Adagio directly? Maybe there is an e-mail address somewhere buried?

[email protected] a contact to Ilya. I don’t feel my English is good enough to write a passive e-mail telling them it’s down again.

I sent him an email.

I always submit a ticket as well, but I’m not if sure anyone checks that system.

I had to sent one myself as well, Steepster was behaving like I am “half-logged in”. It was bit confusing…

Leafhopper said

Steepster is broken again for me as well.

Ilya Kreymerman admin said

We are restarting the server right now. Should be back in a few mins.

Looks to be fixed now, yay!

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