2020 Tea Advent Calendar

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paprika2 said

Aside from the Theodor and MF advent calendars, is anyone waiting on any additional tea calendars to be released? It is looking like Kusmi may not release one this year (although I’m hoping that they do!)

Kusmi’s launched today! I don’t particularly want to do another French one (tea styles are just so similar) but there is a sloth on this year’s design so that’s definitely tempting, haha.

I’m waiting on BrutaliTeas still – can’t remember when it launched last year. I’m still not sure if I want to do it, but seeing a price/tea selection would certainly help me decide.

Dustin said

It’s SO pretty! Not on the US site yet. They were a few days behind the FR site on the release last year too.

I paid 35 USD plus 8 in shipping for the Brutaliteas advent last year.

I’m starting to get worried about the Theodor advent. It was out Oct. 7th last year. I’ve been checking their site daily at this point in anticipation.

Sil select said

@dustin – right??!?!?

@Roswell Brutaliteas said they’re hoping to put their preorder up this weekend.

Kusmi! I NEED it! :P

I enjoyed my calendar from Simpson & Vail a couple of years ago, not sure if they’re doing one this year though…

English Tea Shop offers: https://www.amazon.co.uk/English-Tea-Shop-Christmas-Calendar/dp/B07XGWDSMT/ but I won’t do that one probably. I am eyeing for T2 a bit more :)

yyz said

Sounds interesting; and new company for me!

Haven’t seen Palais des Thés mentioned yet:

Sil select said

The o dor has confirmed they’re not doing a calendar this year. They sent an email I can paste here if anyone wants to read it. Just at work atm

paprika2 said

No…..That was definitely my favorite of last year. I’d been checking their website daily for it. That is a disappointment indeed ):

Dustin said

Gaaaaaaaaah! Noooooooo!!! Damn you, 2020! I didn’t get that email. Did they say why?

Sil select said

I re-read the email…it looks like they mention not doing a large format, but maybe there will be a small format?


First of all, we apologize for this tardy reply, these are complicated times for everyone and we really hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.
Like many other tea lovers, you have been asking us to know if we were planning a new Christmas collection, and especially a new Advent Calendar and we were very moved by it, so we are coming back to you with full transparency.
In this health crisis context that we have all been experiencing and have had to face for many months now, we decided that exceptionally we won’t offer a special edition of our Advent Calendar – large size this year.

You were certainly among the many tea lovers waiting for it, but as we are not in a party mood and to support the families impacted by Covid-19, it seemed inappropriate given this upcoming time of economic uncertainty.
Also, it is true that we preferred to support our retailers and shops partners during these long months putting a certain amount of means to their disposal.

Be reassured, all of our Christmas teas and blends are available on our online shop; you can already fall for your favorite blends from the ‘Laponic December 25th’ collection or for the more traditional flavors of the ‘December 25th’ one, as well as for our tea gift sets for the Holidays.
Besides, a little birdie tells us that you are probably going to rediscover the New Year or Advent Calendar shortly, everyone loves it so much every year that we thought it would be perfect to enjoy beautiful moments for these Holidays… we are just saying… ;)

Thank you for your loyalty, your interest and your understanding.
We wish you wonderful year’s end celebrations in spite on this particular time,
Bernard (from THEODOR House)

Dustin said

Thanks for posting that! It is a little confusing. “you are probably going to rediscover the New Year or Advent Calendar shortly”? So… we are going to see one? But not in time for Xmas and not special edition?
I’ll be over here pouting about tea while the world burns. :/

yyz said
yyz said

This is really intriguing to me, but for a price tag that high I would 100% need to know what the teas are in order to buy it…

yyz said

Me too. I asked but they misunderstood my question and responded with regards to two other collections.

paprika2 said

https://offblak.com/products/tea-advent-calendar This looks really interesting, although I think that the shipping cost to the US knocks it out for me.

Dustin said

That lady looks really happy to have a tea advent. I know how she feels.

Courtney said

I had to open the link to look at the photos just because of your comment here haha!

Dustin said

LOL! It is such a staged photo and kinda cracks me up. The background and lack of shadows screams studio with thrown together props, the fresh creases in her clothes say “just out of the package and not pre-washed” and her make up is photo shoot thick. You can even see the production team in the reflection of one of the ornaments! Despite all that she does a good job of looking happy.


Saw this one from Paper and Tea on IG today – I’ve liked teas I’ve tried from them before, but again I hate to buy an advent without knowing the selection I’m getting. Anyone know if they’ve done one before? What did the selection look like?

Also looks like, in addition to their “all tea” advent, Kusmi is going to be doing a tea and beauty product advent partnership with Sephora. This one doesn’t interest me at all, but I know the Sephora advent is MASSIVELY popular so it seems like a really good brand move for Kusmi…

I also stumbled upon this one which is one of the weirdest tea advents I’ve ever come across…


Dustin said

I saw that strange Tea Brewer one too! As far as I can tell, the company doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Their last IG post was in 2019. I totally would have gotten that one just for the fact that the packaging was so odd.

I saw the pictures for the Kusmi/Sephora advent with a tube of lipstick propped against a teacup and could only think about how obnoxious it would be to wash the cup after sipping with lipstick on!

Dustin said

I found a place selling the Mariage Freres one in the states. $75! I want it, but not that badly.

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