2020 Tea Advent Swap

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I live in California, and I’d prefer to ship within the US.
I’m pretty open to trying things. But, I generally dislike rooibos, stevia, and most mint. I prefer loose leaf.
Favorite teas right now are black and oolong, flavored and unflavored.

Shae said

Thanks, Amanda!

Dustin said

Me too! I’m in California. I’ll ship anywhere in North America. Not a fan of red rooibos (flavored green seems okay), hibiscus unless it’s used sparingly, stevia and usually can’t get into oolongs, but not for lack of trying. I love flavored teas, but can enjoy straight teas as well.

Shae said

I’m so glad you’re joining us!

Shae said

Swap Partners

Inkling —> Devon Bartholomew
Devon Bartholomew —> Shae
Shae —> Martin Bednar
Martin Bednar —> AJRimmer
AJRimmer —> Dustin
Dustin —> amandastory516
amandastory516 —> Inkling

Borrowing “the rules” from Inkling’s post last year -

Each person will send 25 opaque, labeled packets of tea. (Each day should contain enough for at least 1-2 cups of tea.) Up to you how creative you want to get with the packaging!

Please PM the person who’s sending to you ASAP with your address and information about what kind of tea you enjoy and any allergies or aversions they should be aware of when selecting tea to share with you.

I paired everyone based on given preferences, bios, similarities of cupboards/wishlists, and past tasting notes. If you’ve recently swapped with each other, let me know ASAP and I’ll move some things around. I hope you find these to be good matches, but feel free to message me if you have any issues. If you do not hear from your swap partner by October 31st, please send me a message.

Edit – You’ll need to be following each other on Steepster in order to send messages. Please make sure you are following your swap partner so they can message you with an address.

Inkling – I tried sending you a message to send you my address, but it looks like you have to follow me first – I looked in your cupboard and came up with a list of teas I would love to sample. Excited to do this project! Devon

Shae said

Hi Devon, the teas are actually meant to be a surprise, one to open each day leading up to December 25th. Perhaps your list would give Inkling an idea of your favorite types of teas though!

Also, will you follow me as well so I can send you my address please?

Following you, Shae!

Shae said

Thanks, Devon! Sending you a message now. :)

Inkling said

Hey Devon! I haven’t been online over the weekend, but just followed you. Looking forward to putting together your advent calendar. :)

AJRimmer: please follow me so I could message you :)
Shae: Writing you a message now.

Can’t wait for December already!

AJRimmer said

Whoops, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t already following you! I am now!

I thought you were :) but apparently not (I even checked the e-mail) Writing you the message.

Started to work on mine! AJRimmer, I think I will send it during next week, depends on my Uni workload :)

AJRimmer said

Yay thank you! I’ll be mailing Dustin’s tomorrow.

Skysamurai said

I would like to be a sender =] Is there anyone that would like to receive a calendar that hasn’t been matched up yet?

Shae said

I matched everyone early, because of likely delays with the USPS, but maybe someone here knows of others on Steepster who might like to join the swap? I’d love for you to join us! What are your tea preferences or likes/dislikes?

Skysamurai said

I generally prefer pure tea but willing to try new things. I dislike sugar in tea and prefer to stay away from artificial flavors. I can also just be a secret santa for someone else who can’t make one

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