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Jason admin said

Links in tasting notes

Hi All,

Just wanted to ask people to try and refrain from adding links in their tasting notes that link to the page where people can buy the tea. We have the “Buy this now from…” buttons for that purpose and using that will make it easier for new people to understand.

We’ll also be looking to allow certain users to add the links themselves (currently only the Steepster owners can add them) which will make it a lot easier in the future. But in the mean time you can shoot me an email (jason at steepster.com) with the steepster link and the offsite link and I’ll add it. Thanks!

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52teas said

I would love to be able to add that when I create the teas in your system.

Jason admin said

Yea, we have plans for company specific functionality too, to help them manage their own products.

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Hi Jason,
I totally respect where you are coming from with that, it makes sense and I plan to follow your request.
However, this will conflict with the Red Leaf Tea free Matcha program where one of his requirements is to have a link to where it can be purchased. Just wanted to put that out there so you have a heads up should any issues arise around your policy.
Thanks so much for hosting this awesome website :)

Jason admin said

Ah, didn’t know that was the case with the promo (which is also how I actually noticed the trend). I’ll follow up with them directly. Thanks for the heads up.

Babble said

Yeah I was gonna chime in with this, too

Perhaps there is an updated link we can put so that Steepster gets some referral credit? That was everyone wins. I’m happy to edit my tasting notes if necessary.

Jason admin said

The buy links are actually designed to work as referral links but we just never got around to it. Plus, there really aren’t that many tea companies that are part of referral/affiliate programs. But for this contest I don’t think that’s necessary, but thanks for the support! :)

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Hmmm, how do you add a buy it now button?

Jason admin said

Currently only the admins can add them (me, Mike, Jack, Ricky). But if you want links added for all your teas (as a company) it’s best if you email me a spreadsheet of your tea URLS next to their corresponding steepster URLs. Then I can add those for you, at least until we can support companies managing their own teas.

Thanks Jason, will do!

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I’d volunteer to help with future linkage if needed – or anything else I can help with that is. Just let me know how I can help!

Jason admin said

Thanks! You’re definitely at the top of our list.

Awwwww! Thanks! :)

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I also wanted to ask … are the links where I direct readers to our blog OK? I realize that you mentioned the direct links to the sites where teas can be purchased, but I wanted to just confirm that the links to the blogs are OK.

Jason admin said

We don’t really have a formalized strategy on this but yours are fine. You don’t do it consistently and you also include some actual content in your tasting notes. If it was a clear attempt to just link-bait people to your site it would be one thing, but that’s not the case with you.

OK … cool! Thanks!

Thanks Jason, you rock!

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seule771 said

I am forever newbie; my blog is most not applicable. I have used their website address and link to tea reviews I do I include this on my blog as well. It is redundant. No one reads what I write and those that do, don’t understand what I am trying to do since I am all over the place.
I can omit tea companies websites from when I add the tea to the dbase. If I not understood this request/suggestion kindly let me know.

Other wise thank you for allowing me to continue to be here. I am still unemployed; this keeps me at pretending and accounting for my time. I know everyone thinks me an idiot. That is fine as well.

Happy holidays!

Seule, you are no idiot! I enjoy your reviews :)

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ashmanra said

Jason – I have two Red Leaf reviews to post but they are supposed to have the link in them. Has anything been resolved yet with the company about that requirement? I will be happy to abide by whatever rules you decide are best for the site. Thank you for all that you do!

Jason admin said

For the Red Leaf contest it’s fine.

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