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Full Leaf World Market Dianhong China Breakfast Organic Black Tea, in a silver foil pouch. World Market doesn’t sell it anymore. I tried an unopened package at a friend’s house and fell in love. After I’d used the entire thing, I looked at the “use by” label and it was five years old! But it was soooo delicious and I need something very similar. It’s described on the package as “A rich and malty breakfast blend that’s robust and flavorful, with subtle notes of cacao.” It smelled fresh, rich and like heaven in the package, and I drank it with a touch of heavy cream. It was rated 4 out of 5 stars but I don’t care. I adore it. I’ve since ordered several kinds of organic black teas and NONE of them taste like it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Dustin said

Have you tried other Dianhongs specifically instead of black teas that could be any number of other types? Looks like there are others in the Steepster database. Maybe try searching those and reading reviews to see if others are describing it like what you recall.

I just ordered one so I’ll hopefully find out soon. Thank you!

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I think it is quite common description of many Dianhongs. Maybe just try some other one, I would prefer some sourced directly, so Yunnan Sourcing sounds good for me.

Yunnan sourcing… I’ll look for it. Thank you!

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Leafhopper said

TeaVivre is another good source for Yunnan black tea. They let you buy samples, so you can try a few Dianhongs and pick the one you like.

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