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Cinnamon Heart Tea?

I thought i saw someone mention picking cinnamon hearts out of a tea…is there a tea with the cinnamon imperials? my mother’s birthday is coming up and she likes those candies. the only “heart” items i could find in the teas area were the conversation hearts.

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SoccerMom said

AmazonV- I would recommmend Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice it comes blended with black tea or with Green Tea both are great. Neither of them contain “cinnamon imperials” but they certainly taste like they do.

I can send you a sample of both if you are interested P.M. me.

oo thanks great idea, i’ve had that bagged before and did love it

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SoccerMom said

No problem. I mailed it out today at lunch.

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Janefan said

“I Heart Almonds” from Blue Raven Tea has pink sugar hearts in it, which I did recently mention that I was going to pick them out next time I brew it because it’s too sweet.

There must be a blend out there somewhere with cinnamon hearts in it though… I agree w/ Soccermon that the Harney cinnamon is probably the closest in flavor.

ah it was that tea with the conversation hearts then, drat, luckily everyone agrees the flavor is there for H&S even if the little hearts aren’t (mom and i will merrily go through a pound of those hearts in a day, day after day)

Janefan said

You could always add a few cinnamon hearts and make your own blend, with a kicked up cinnamon flavor!

For the record, the candy in the almond tea isn’t conversation hearts – those would be way too big and sugary. These are smaller – more like big sprinkles that would go on cupcakes or something.

the picture looks like those big things, thanks for clarifying – if it’s as cinnamony as i remember i think a pack of tsac’s and a bag of the tea and a bag of the hearts will do me well, no need to make goopy messes in her cup

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