Lupicia Group Order?

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I just got an e-mail from Lupicia, their “Black Friday” offering this year is: 20% off SELECTED teas (not sitewide) from Sat 11/21/20 to 11/23/20 (Hawaiian time). "Your discount will appear in the shopping cart and in the order summary after you click on “CHECK OUT”. (no code listed)

This is a link to the selected teas:

In other words, I’d order this weekend if there is going to be an order, they aren’t waiting and doing anything NEXT weekend. Just FYI.

LuckyMe said

I just checked out Lupicia and many of the teas people want are on sale. Since Lupicia doesn’t do sales often we ought to take advantage and order this weekend if possible.

Would love to order this weekend. Hopefully Arby will get back to me, I haven’t heard from her since she posted here…

LuckyMe said

I went ahead and put together a quick spreadsheet of everyone’s orders. This is based on the order list Cameron B. provided. Hopefully this will make it easier to track what we’re ordering and what’s available to be split.

Looks great, thanks. One thing, for the Blueberry, I was in for a split so should only have one column of 25g marked for me.

I was on for Split for Kumquat, as well. I think Cameron was full for that one, not splitting it with Lexie. And I had a full Sakurambo black too (which I now see got missed from the front list).

LuckyMe said

My mistake, I was a little rushed when I put together the spreadsheet. I’ll fix those errors, feel free to correct any others that crop up.

Looks like the 20% off is working in the cart now, so might want to update the prices in the sheet.

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Updated the order list with teas for AJRimmer.

Since the sale is only this weekend, we can’t really dawdle. Unfortunately I haven’t heard anything back from Arby. I don’t suppose anyone has a way to contact her?

If we don’t hear back, should we order tomorrow or give her until Monday?

AJRimmer said

I’d say we go ahead to make sure things don’t sell out.

LuckyMe said

I just PMed her about it and copied you as well. Let’s give her a day to respond and then order by Sunday night.

Also, we should figure out what do with unfulfilled splits by tomorrow. The person wanting to split a tea can either go full or drop it from the group order.

Yeah, I’m starting to look through some of the splits now and commenting if I can help resolve them.

I added myself for 25g of Neptune to the list, so if you could update that in the spreadsheet.

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@LuckyMe – I don’t mind reducing my Merci Mille Fois to 25g to split with you, and adding 25g of Takibi so we can split that as well.

@Mastress Alita – Which Hawaiian teas are you most interested in? It looks like there’s a split for Lanikai aready, but I don’t mind splitting some of the others with you if you want to try more. Also I don’t mind reducing my Kumquat to 25g so we can split it.

Honestly, I was just curious to try any of them (except Mahina because they said it was banana-flavored and by now I’m sure everyone knows that I’m the only person on Steepster that hates banana!)

For me:

-Any unsplit Hawaiian teas (minus Mahina which I have zero interest in) I’ll drop from my order. I’m interested in sampling but don’t need a full pouch at this time.

-Would be happy to split Kumquat with Cameron, if Cameron would rather have a full pouch, I’ll still take my chances on a full pouch of that one.

-I’ll drop Sakurambo Vert if not splitting/sampling it. I’m already getting the black version, at least.

Also, it looks like one of Lexie’s splits aren’t on the spreadsheet, which could be shared with LuckyMe: I see Tsugaru Green on her list as a Split.

I’d be happy to split any of the remaining ones (Hua Ki, Kuuipo, and Palekaiko) with you if you’re interested, so just let me know. :)

Sure. I don’t plan on ordering from Lupicia again for a long time, may as well take the opportunity while I have it. :-)

@Mastress Alita I would be willing to Split Sakurambo Vert with you. I figure why not take advantage of the sale.

LuckyMe said

@Cameron B. Thanks for splitting the Merci Melle with me. I ended up dropping Tabiki after reading the reviews here but if anyone still wants it, I wouldn’t mind splitting. Also, I’d be glad to split the Momo Jasmine with you if there are no takers.

Updated the spreadsheet with everyone’s requested changes. Please let me know if I missed anything.

Can you change my Kumquat to 25g so I’m splitting with Mastress? And I’ll take 25g of Neptune to split with Lexie, and 25g of Grapefruit Green to split with you if you’re still interested. :)

Oh, and it looks as though AJRimmer’s teas haven’t been added to the spreadsheet yet.

Sure Lexie, I’ll split a Sakurambo Vert with you!

LuckyMe said

Oops, totally missed AJRimmer. Order list has been updated.

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I’m willing to split the Tsugaru Apple tea with whoever wanted it. Given the Cyber Monday discounts I can spend a little more but then again we don’t want to wait too long to order before things sell out.

LuckyMe said

Sure, I’ll split that one with you :-)

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So new development, I was adding everything we want so far to a cart just to make sure it’s in stock and we weren’t going to run into unexpected issues, and they appear to offer free shipping once the amount exceeds $200. So we may not have to pay any shipping from Lupicia to my house, only from my house to everyone else’s…

AJRimmer said

Yay that’s awesome!

LuckyMe said


Wow, and their website doesn’t list a “free shipping” limit anywhere. That’s awesome news!

That sounds great! Yay for Steepster Teamwork.

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Arby said

I would like
Caramel and rum x2
Decaf muscat
Decaf carol

I could go for full amount or split (split preferred)
Frambois chocolat
Strawberry and vanilla
Jardin sauvage
Merci Mille Fois

I’ll split my Mahina with you, and I’ll take 25g of Yummy to make a split.

For the ones where we have 3 people wanting to split (Hua Ki, Framboise Chocolat, Merci Mille Fois) we could either split 1 pouch and get about 16g each or split 2 pouches and get about 33g each. Or obviously we could split them unevenly if someone wants less.

Arby said

I’m ok with either option of the 3-way split. I’ll let others choose if they want to do 16g or 33g each. If not,
I guess I’ll take the full amount and let the other two split as before.

I’m okay splitting whatever way works best for others. The stuff on my Split List was stuff I just wanted to sample so as long as I can try it I’m fine.

Okay, well the three of us (Arby, Mastress, and I) would be splitting Framboise Chocolat and Hua Ki, so does anyone have an opinion on whether they would prefer 16g or 33g of either of those?

I’ll take your split for Jardin Sauvage, Arby.

I’m definitely fine taking the smaller amount on Hua Ki. More inclined for a higher amount on Framboise Chocolat but can easily live with the smaller amount, too.

LuckyMe said

Just added your teas to the list and I’ll split Strawberry & Vanilla with you.

I’m fine with splitting 1 packet of Hua Ki and 2 packets of Framboise Chocolat.

LuckyMe said

@Cameron B I don’t mind splitting Merci Millie Fois. It’s not a must have for me so i’m fine getting less.

Arby said

That works for me.

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Arby said

Actually I’d like to add some gifts to my order for Christmas (for myself, so no worries if I don’t get the package before then)

Holiday tea bag set (6 teabags) – I don’t care if it is in red, green, or white just whatever is in stock

Holiday teabag set (8 items) – non/low caffeine

I’m also willing to split

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Kotobuki is now showing as sold out… :(

Noooooooooooooo that was the one thing I wanted more than anything, it is practically never on the US site and it’s my favorite Lupicia tea! >_<

I hate to do this, but that was the main reason I was in this… if I can’t restock Kotobuki, I may as well just wait until the magical day it comes back again and make a “jumbo” order myself to “justify” their outrageous shipping because there is no way I’m paying $13 in shipping charges for one tea which is more than the tea itself. So I’m going to drop out, not being able to restock Kotobuki.

I totally get it, sorry we missed out on your favorite. :(

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I’ll split Jardin Sauvage with Arby and Lanikai with LuckyMe.

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Kumquat is sold out in the 50g packet and tin, now only available in sachets…

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