Dustin said

What is your favorite tea subscription?

A friend asked me what tea subscription I’d suggest for someone who is new to tea and I realized I have no clue who is offering tea subscriptions. What are your favorites?

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I am taking Bird and Blend; White2tea does subscription as well I think. Yunnan Sourcing have as well. Both W2T and YS are to more curious customers, they call it tea club :)

LiquidProust.com just started a tea club. He has some amazing things.

For someone new to tea, SipsBy might be nice as it’s fairly inexpensive and offers a variety of brands. Bird & Blend could work as well.

Leafhopper said

For straight teas, Eco-Cha, Verdant, Wuyi Origin, Mountain Stream, Yunomi, Cha Yi Tea House, and I think Camellia Sinensis all do subscriptions, so it really depends on what kind of tea your friend likes. The only one I’ve tried is from Eco-Cha, which had great teas but was a bit pricy. I don’t know that much about flavoured tea vendors, but I suspect that most of them have monthly boxes as well. Basically, if they have a favourite tea seller, I’d check their website.

ETA: It looks like Camellia Sinensis’ tea club is a monthly event held in their physical store, not a subscription box.

Dustin said

It sounds like they are so new to tea that they don’t have preferred vendors yet.

I recall one more comapany, again UK based and it’s Team Tea. I had few teas from them and they were okay. It was one of the first tea I wrote about here on Steepster. They are interesting in packaging, they use slide tins.

Dustin said

Thanks y’all! I had no idea there were so many options. It’s never really been on my radar.

I keep seeing advertisements for Dollar Tea Club. Has anyone tried that one?

I think VariaTEA has tried that one, so you might look at her notes.

Arby said

I tried it for 5 months but cancelled because some of the teas weren’t something I really wanted to drink (generic blends, things like apple spice and berry black tea). It is good for a new tea drinker, but I found the flavours were things I’d already tried elsewhere.

You can look on my Bird and Blend notes to see their offer. Most of them are from subscription; as I placed only one order so far with them.

lauryn said

Sips by is a pretty good one. That’s how I got into tea. I get to a try a lot of different kinds and brans with one box. I also just like their company a lot.

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