2021: Sipdown Progress Thread

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Fun! My tea goal for 2020 was to finish all of my teas that were 5+ years old. I got close, but I do have two more teas that I need to finish. On the plus side, thanks to an extended no-buy everything else is from 2020. So now I need to find a balance between trying new teas and keeping my cupboard in check.

I think I’m going to make a spreadsheet, too. I’m usually a pen a paper gal (I love to journal), but spreadsheets are just so dang useful.

Currently I have 18 teas in my cupboard.

I wanted to finish all my 2017 teas last year, but most of the packages were 50g and many would take me a month or more to get through even having a cup most mornings! So I’m still (slowly!) working towards that goal. Hoping to get there this year!

Same here. I have very few samples left, so most of my teas are full tins and most are around 85g. Even the two older teas I have were in larger quantities. Plus, I love both of them, so I want to enjoy them. I just don’t want to still be enjoying them this time next year. :)

Yes. I used to think, “I like this tea, so I shouldn’t drink it very often” which kinda goes against the whole point… then they just got old, and weren’t as good anymore! Now I’d rather drink up that tea during its prime and reorder a fresh batch. It’s why I hate tea shops that only sell a minimum of 100g, which is simply too large for me. I pretty much refuse to do business with companies that do that now.

I agree! Even with teas I adore 100g is too much. I’d honestly rather pay a little more per gram and get less than be stuck with a tea I’m burnt out on.

January 2021 Sipdowns: 17
I love this idea of themed days! So fun!
Cupboard Starting Amount: 105 teas approximately
and around 75 of them are loose leaf

Welcome and good luck on your sipdown efforts!

January Sipdowns: 16

New Sipdowns:

Blueberry Cobbler by 52Teas (single-serve sampler)
Chocolate Digestives by Bird & Blend Tea Co. (single-serve sampler; Reviewed last year: https://steepster.com/mastressalita/posts/407816 )
Cranberry and Apricot Muffin Honeybush by 52Teas (15g sampler)
Gyokuro Mecha: The Discovery by Nakamura-en Tea Shop c/o Yunomi (20g sampler; Reviewed 2 years ago: https://steepster.com/mastressalita/posts/379519 )
I Drink and I Know Things (aka The Imp’s Delight) by 52Teas (15g sampler)
Kenya Silver Needle White Tea by What-cha (5g sampler from Derk)
Lavenderberry by TeaSource (2 oz; Reviewed 2 years ago: https://steepster.com/mastressalita/posts/378606 )
Mint Pistachio by Bird & Blend Tea Co. (20g sampler)
Mocha Matcha by DAVIDsTEA (sampler)
Moondrop Dreams (20g sampler; Reviewed 3 years ago: https://steepster.com/mastressalita/posts/376235 )
Pumpkin Moonshine by Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co. (sampler)
Ruby #18 by Rishi Tea (50g package)
Strawberry Matcha by DAVIDsTEA (sampler)
Wild Honey Matcha by DAVIDsTEA (sampler)
Yunnan Orchid Green by Rishi Tea (50g package)
Yuzu Matcha by DAVIDsTEA (sampler)

Currently Working On:

Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha (15g sampler)
Ruby Oolong Qingming Special by Rishi Tea (25g; daily drinker until gone)
Toasted Maple Green by TeaSource (50g; evening drinker until gone | Progress: 1 serving remaining!)
Yunnan Green Mao Feng by TeaSource (20g; cold brew until gone | Reviewed 3 years ago: https://steepster.com/mastressalita/posts/376049 )

I’m in! This is awesome and the motivation I need to stick to my goal of taking time for myself. Such a great idea and loving the themed days too!

Starting Size 210
Jan Sipdown 2

Welcome! Good luck finishing off some old tea this year!

Tonight, I’ve been working on Shipdowns! Splitting up my “overly large” bags of tea to give half to a friend, keep half for me. I’ll reach my sipdowns faster with less grams to go through!

Aw, that’s so cute! Tea friends are the best friends! :D

Tiffany :) said

I’m happy to be a friend Mastress Alita if you have any leftovers ;)

I’m in! My goal is to sip down all of my samples and enough of my non-samples so I have no tea living on my kitchen counters. I will try to keep with the program, but if I drop out of sight for a while I will eventually be back as I always seem to be.

I am sitting at 8 sip downs for the year so far, with a few more likely tomorrow.

Woo! Good luck on your sipdowns! I’m also sitting at 8 so far! Most of this month I’ve been working on some old-but-large packages of tea that are taking me a while to get through. Slow but steady…

Up to 12!

Leafhopper said

I also need to join this challenge! I bought a lot of tea in 2020 and need to get my cupboard under control before inevitably buying more this year. I also have a lot of old tea from 2016 and 2017 that needs to go.

I don’t know how all of you can do so many sipdowns! Most of my tea is in 25 or 50 g packages, which makes it hard to finish.

I think I’ll replace only half the tea I drink, so if I finish a 50 g package, I’ll allow myself to buy 25 g. Hopefully this will limit the amount of new tea coming in.

Bai Ye Varietal Dan Cong Black Tea by Yunnan Sourcing (50 g, sad to see it go)

Leafhopper, I don’t have a very high sipdown count this month and it’s because the tea I’m working on is mostly in larger packages, too. A 50g package can easily take me a full month to work through! I just keep chipping away, one cup at a time… (Insert Tortoise and Hare reference here)

Good luck on your sipdown efforts!

Leafhopper said

Mastress Alita, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble finishing larger amounts of tea. Good luck with your sipdown goals!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is National Kiss a Ginger Day / National Marzipan Day! If you have a ginger tea, an almond tea, or a tea that even has flavor notes of either of those (say, a “nutty” tasting oolong or houjicha!) then feel free to enjoy a cuppa tomorrow!

Yay, I love the themed days! Now to pick some teas…

I know, it gives me an excuse to go spelunking deep into the bowels of my tea stash, lawl.

Dustin said

I have SO many teas with those two ingredients in them!

I’m holding back on posting any reviews until the site is working properly again, but I drank Pumpkin Moonshine (a chai) and Toasted Maple Green (a maple-flavored houjicha with planed almonds) today!

Tiffany :) said

Ooh can’t wait to read your tasting notes on those, especially the later-greens are my favorites. :)

Just a reminder that tomorrow’s prompt is National Popcorn Day! Feel free to pull out any plain genmaicha, genmaicha blend, or any tea using genmai (toasted rice) as an ingredient!

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