2021: How much will you spend on tea this year!?

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Courtney said

I’m setting myself a budget of $500 this year, which I went slightly over in 2020. My annual cart at TTC will be purchased, and I have a few others in mind.

2019 TOTAL: $383.53
2020 TOTAL: $528.07

2021 TOTAL (thus far, $500 cap): $

I don’t have a budget really but am curious as to tracking my spending. I definitely would like to budget a bit more on tea this year since I’ve definitely missed trying out several tea companies that have closed by waiting too long.
2021 Spent So Far:
Paromi $5
Adagio $8
Amazon $7
DavidsTea $37.25 (household)
Harney & Sons $2.40
Total: $59.65
Personal Spent: $35.86

Tiffany :) said

other years (2016-2020): $ thousands of US$


Tea Thoughts $65.50
Tea Thoughts $68
T2 $95
TOTAL: $298.72 USD

Leafhopper said

I spent about $850 CAD in 2020, which was a little over my budget but acceptable. However, I now have way too much tea and need to drink some of it down before buying more. I plan to take a four- or five-month buying hiatus until the new spring teas come in. We’ll see how that goes…

Courtney said

I’m feeling the same Leafhopper! I bought so many since coming back to Steepster and now I have to drink them down haha! My cupboard isn’t nearly as big as some others (~65 teas at the moment), but I’m used to having about half that amount. Here’s to sipping down!

Leafhopper said

Courtney, I have way, way more than 65 teas. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had 250. Maybe I need to do a cupboard inventory.

Good luck getting your cupboard to a level that you’re happy with!

I finally have everything from last year totaled up!
2019- $2,180.21
2020- $3,570.78

I’m trying to get my cupboard under control, so my goal is to spend under $2,000 this year.

derk said

The Steepster’s Plight:

I will not buy more tea this year. I will not buy more tea this year.

My ‘cupboard’ is burgeoning as usual. 6 crocks of puerh samples and cakes. 1 of white tea cakes. A coworker recently gifted me a wooden tea transport box he brought back from when he was a kid in Japan. It miraculously fits all my black, oolong and heicha. So at least everything is contained instead of tumbling from the shelves and set of drawers in my closet. It’s simply too much tea. I do take comfort in knowing that I have enough tea, thanks to the puerh, to last a few years should society as I know it crumble.

In reality, I will be buying a few fresh greens and whites this year. Hoping to keep yearly spending to less than $100 unless any of the puerh samples catch my fancy.

Whoops. Bought myself two pouches in Oxalis. Hopefully Zasněžená romance and Thai Lemon will be worth the money. Especially the latter smells like lemon juice.

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