ice wine tea recommendation?

i dont want to waste money on shipping esp. when it costs just as much as the tea. so i hope to find a tea that i can buy in bigger quantity to bring back to my home country after my visit here in the states.

it would also be great if you can recommend a few other remarkable teas from the same source just in case i can meet the free shipping quota. thanks much!

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If you’re still in California,, yssah why not stop into a Ten Ren tea store which are located all over and where you can buy lots of Oolongs, Pouchangs and black teas in bulk. If you’re in Northern California, near San Francisco, try the Red Blossom tea store. There should be many tea stores in your area where you can buy bulk at the store without worrying about shipping charges. Plus you can see and sniff and maybe even get to sample the tea first.

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Sare said

there is an ice Wine from canada thats good that my mother brought me when they visited but im not sure where to buy it other then canada.

Safe bet it was by Inniskillin. I think Yssah is after the tea they make from Ice Wine though :) I didn’t know about it until googling this post, pretty cool.

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yssah said

good idea, Foolongthehill :) will try to locate Ten Ren when we go to LA and maybe i can visit SFO sometime. im near fresno and we have only 3 tea shops that i know of and ice wine does not seem like it can be found easily ^^’

i saw that there are several sources of it here. which are your top choices? tho ive never tried any, it sounds like the white teas are better suited for ice wine than the blacks…

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Azzrian said

I always thought that the Ice Wine tea from Design a Tea was pretty darn good. Their shipping is 5 dollars flat and their Marzipan Sunset is delicious as well.

Azzrian said

Oh and Plum Lovin’ is really good too!

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