Michael admin said

Companies page changes

The 8,000+ tea vendors that appear on the Company page had been organized according to the number of product reviews associated with each. The “popular” listings atop the page contain 150+ reviews, the next section contains companies with 2-149 reviews. The final section contains companies with only one review each.

Some entries are duplicated, each being a slight variance of the other (ex: Rishi and Rishi Tea). These should probably be combined into one entry. Please help locate all duplicate company listings to ensure that their reviews may be combined under one name. Much appreciated!

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AJ said

Hi Michael, check here for some work we’ve already done on the duplicates. We tried to keep naming straightforward so it was easy to see what needs to be merged, what goes where, and what needs to be deleted:


Any companies we as a group can work on (ex. Moving all teas over from Rishi to Rishi Tea, and marking any duplicates), let us know.

Because there are so many companies, I feel like it would make more sense to group them based on the starting letter, and have the user toggle between letters to find the one they’re looking for. It’s not really feasible to scroll through the giant list of 8000+ at once without pagination.

I do like the popular companies section at the top.

Yaay! An real update we can see. I agree with Cameron B. completely.

Check out the link that AJ shared. We already worked on it. We can work as a group too.

testmod said

Thank you for sharing a compilation of duplicate entries. Steepster moderators should have access to moving teas from one company to another. Here’s one example of duplicate companies:
https://steepster.com/companies/ujinotsuyu https://steepster.com/companies/ujinotsuyu-seicha-co-dot-ltd

Clicking “edit tea info” on the errant tea entry (https://steepster.com/teas/ujinotsuyu-seicha-co-dot-ltd/40264-tokuyo-genmaicha) would permit moderators to assign the tea from “ujinotsuyu-seicha-co-dot-ltd” to the correct “ujinotsuyu” one.

Please confirm that moderators have this ability and please let me know what additional tools you may require to remove company or product duplicates. Happy to help!

Yes, we are able to change the company for any given tea.

I think the biggest gap at the moment is the ability to delete duplicated teas if they don’t have any notes, or merge them if they do.

AJ said

Everyone already had this ability, unless it’s specifically being changed so only mods are able.

In the compilation, all teas were moved (by us) to the agreed upon “correct” company name. Any tea that could not be moved because that tea already existed in the company, was renamed with “duplicate” in the name, with a link to the tea it’s a duplicate of, for merging.

Michael admin said

Sounds like moderators need the ability to remove duplicate entries. To do so, please visit http://admin.steepster.com/dashboard. Atop the menu options, you’ll find four that are labeled (mod). These will permit you to edit companies, teas, images, and tags. Please give this a try and let me know if anything else is required to keep Steepster content better organized. Happy to help!

AJ said

Neat. I did some investigating, but will give it a more thorough testing once I’m off mobile and on my desktop.

Haven’t poked around yet too much (but did a quick scan) so not sure if I missed this or not, but it’s not enough to be able to just delete duplicates – if there are tasting notes entered under the “correct” entry AND the duplicate we need to be able to merge them, otherwise that info would be lost on the deleted page.

Michael admin said

Might the two-step process of classifying the teas under the “correct” company and then deleting the duplicate company once it has no content suffice? Companies with no teas assigned to them will not appear in the “companies” listing, but it would still be good to remove the duplicate to prevent it from being used in the future.

The issue is, often both listings will have tasting notes, and we don’t want to delete any of those. So ideally there would be a way to either move the notes from one tea entry to another, or merge two entries.

Michael admin said

Tasting notes will transfer alongside tea. I’m not suggesting that we delete duplicate company entries. Only that we consolidate all teas with one “correct” company listing. This way, all of that company’s teas will appear on a single page.

AJ said

We’ve already been slowly consolidating teas under an agreed-upon ‘correct’ listing, which was the plan of the Cleanup Initiative. I believe what Cameron’s talking about is when there’s an actual, duplicate tea.

An example:
Say there’s a ‘Vanilla Bean Black’ under the company DAVIDsTEA. And then someone creates a ‘Vanilla Bean Black’ under the misspelling ’David’s Tea’. Now, if there was no ‘Vanilla Bean Black’ created under DAVIDsTEA, we could just rename the company of the second one and move it over.

But in this case, there’s two. And in this situation, we’re assuming both have tasting notes listed, and exist in people’s cupboards. What do we do? Do we move over ’David’s Tea’’s ‘Vanilla Bean Black’? We can’t, because no two teas can have the exact same name under one company header (I’ve tried; it’ll ding you). Do we move it over and called it ‘Vanilla Bean Black [Duplicate, please don’t post here, please please use the other one]‘? Ideally, we’d just want to merge it with the ‘correct’ DAVIDsTEA entry, so all of the tasting notes are saved onto the ‘correct’ tea.

AJ said

I will say, after having a good sit down to investigate the new tools: Thank you. This also clears up another caveat: We as moderators can now help companies with representatives on Steepster, fully fill out their Company Profiles. We DID have limited access before to do a little writeup, but this lets us more fully fill out logos/etcetera.

I assume the “Misspellings” section is meant to assist the autofiller in choosing the right company? What’s the best way to list misspellings in this section? Just separated by commas?

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