Lupicia Grab Bags

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WillC said

Yeah same here. I feel like I’m cheating a little but maybe the PST was just a typo?

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I ordered a $30 one! Couldn’t justify the $60 one as I just stocked up at DavidsTea during the holidays and their boxing day sale. Can’t wait to see what I get!

they are up early!

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Kittenna said

I’m so glad I was still able to get the $60 and $30 ones as I was supposed to! I calculated the time zone stuff and they clearly went live WAY early. I would have been super pissed if I missed out (and Sil & momo too!)…

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WillC said

They are still available as of 11 AM EST.

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just ordered the $60 one. anyone get this last year want to post what they received?

momo said

here’s a picture of someone’s $30 bag from 2012, they also listed everything that came with it:

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cuppaT said

And just like that, my first New Year’s resolution has been broken… Phooey!

momo said

After I found out about these, my resolution to not buy more tea till I drink a bunch down was changed to start after this. Once a year things don’t count!

yssah said

hey guys, it is the start of a new year so let’s not start it feeling down. think of a positive thing that will result from you getting that tea: like being able to share more with family :)

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DaisyChubb said

ack SO wish I had the money for this one :(
Thus begins a year of frugality haha

i know how you feel ^^’

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boyfriend and I will be going to Lupicia as soon as he gets out the shower. :)

sweet, they are open today? I’m nearish the torrance one and have been meaning to go there.

That’s the one I am going to. Mitsuwa is always open on holidays.

sweet, I went up there right after I saw your post! Woot, save $7 shipping

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Katiek said

I wasn’t going to get one, but I gave in. Got one for me and one for a friend who has a January birthday.

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I was going to order for sure, but I dislike Lupicia’s shipping costs / all other teas I wanted are out of stock.

My husband was happy to take me to the lupicia about 20 minutes away, woooot!

No tea ware, but lots of good stuff, got the $30 bag

Good Morning
Champagne rose
matcha kirara rice
rooibos mediterranee
darjeeling, second flush
grapefruit green
strawberry vanilla

I already have strawberry vanilla, but oh well, now I have more!

Azzrian said

Was there any teaware or tea ball etc included? Sounds like a lot of excellent tea!

no teaware at all, just the 9 packages of tea. Maybe in store doesn’t have teaware.

Azzrian said

Oh well you probably just got more tea then! I looked the ones up I was not familiar with – they all sound really excellent.

Momoko is one of my favorites. Make sure you brew it below boiling or it will be bittedr Strawberry vanilla has become my go-to when I have guests. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it and their darjeeling 2nd flush is really good.

Kittenna said

Wow – sounds like an awesome haul! I hope Sil & I get a similarly awesome assortment!

Sil select said

ya seriously…this way i get to try a few more lupicia teas before i work into placing a real order. heh

Uniquity said

That sounds like a brilliant surprise bag!

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