How to pick teas?

Hello everyone
as a recently new tea drinker Ive been noticing something that is very hard, which teas to choose and even where to buy them from. I am going to be buying some more once I drink everything in my cupboard, about a month, and ive started looking. I cant get much, probably only 50$ worth, and its hard to even pick out of so many tea types, and then even if i do settle my mind on something, how do I know if it’s the highest quality out there, there are so many tea vendors too! Any tips?

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Many vendors offer small affordable amounts, and/or designated sample sizes.
I would suggest starting with orders of samples from a few companies that interest you, and get a feel for various kinds of tea, oolong, green, black, yellow, etc.

with some companies offering free samples, some around $2.00…
$50.00 of tea of sample sizes can keep you busy for a while.

what companies that offer free samples would you recommend? i prefer to buy tea that i have tried :)

Sil select said

verdant and della terra offer sample sizes that are reasonably priced and have lower “free shipping” thresholds. Upton has sample sizes as well that are reasonable.

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some people focus on the tea that they like most. others try the popular ones with the high scores on reviews like on here or at teaviews or on google. some like to try different kinds.

i find that i like earl grey and blacks…but like herbal teas too like jasmine and chamomile. so im out to discover the best earl grey that i can afford to drink regularly…and other teas for special occasions and others for more ordinary use.

if you find a tea you like, look for the source. it’s cheaper if you buy in bulk but some like to have variety. you will discover more teas as you swap stuff in your cupboard w other members :)

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Sil select said

You could also try a swap with people in the swap thread to see if you can find some that you like that way…allowing you to reduce your cupboard size a bit and pick up new teas to try before purchasing.

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Lynxiebrat said

Don’t discount what you can find at your local grocery store, fruit markets and health food stores. Also, ethnic markets might have a section of teas as well that you could give a try. I have found plenty of teas that I enjoy at above stores. Also look up your area in the ‘Places’ section for nearby tea shops, parlors and stores. I found my favorite tea shop that way, I only wish it were closer and that they served it as well, but that’s ok. There are also some companies that will send samples for free in return of fair reviews here on steepster or seperate blog. TeaVivre and Fusion Teas are the 2 right off the top of my head. Try doing a search of the discussions to see if there are other threads with more companies that offer that. I am sure it has come up recently….

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