Pipe Camp said

Creamy Earl Grey

what’s the difference between creamy and regualr earl grey’s? and what are some good creamy blends?

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Valerie said

cream blends usually have vanilla and/or cream flavouring added to the leaves. i adore earl grey moonlight by adagio teas, but i also like david’s teas cream of earl grey. :)

EG creams are my favorite types of tea! I’ll have to try the Upton one when I order. I really like The Tea Merchant’s French Vanilla and SpecialTeas(but they don’t exist anymore). I also have a Zentealife.com sample I haven’t tried yet!

Alphakitty said

My favorite is Upton’s Vanilla Creme EG, and I also love the Cream Earl Grey White from Culinary Teas for a lighter take on an EG. If you like creamy blends, though, it’s hard to go wrong! I haven’t come across a bad one myself and I’ve tried quite a few—Teavana, Della Terra and New Mexico Tea Company also have nice EGCs.

Lazey said

My only complaint with creamy Earl Greys is most of them don’t have as much of a bergamot taste to them. Kally’s Milord Grey is the best compromise between bergamot and creamy I’ve tried so far. (I need to try David’s Tea, Adagio’s, Uptons and Teavana’s creamy Earl Greys. Have NM Tea Company’s Earl Grey Cream coming in the mail) Dorian Grey from Metropolitan Tea Company is kind of creamy, but not much if any bergamot.

Lazey said

Started a blog and my first real post is about Dorian Grey/creamy Earl Grey. http://lazeysdailycup.blogspot.com/2012/12/dorian-grey.html More posts about EG creamy and otherwise hopefully to come.

Serenity said

Lazey, your blog is adorable!

This is my favorite: http://www.persimmontreetea.com/earl-grey-creme-tea.html

Smelled it side by side with Teavanas and it is so much creamier smelling :)

Della Terra gets my vote for best Earl Grey Creme.
David’sTea’s version isn’t bad either :)

darby select said

I like EG Cream because it tends to smooth out the tea. I’ve only had Teavanas and love it.

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