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Valerie said

Best tea for a cold? :( I got sick. *cries*

I’m not too surprised since one of the girls in the office has been sick off and on nonstop for the past two weeks and our supervisor got it yesterday and left work early.

Now I’m stuck with Kyla’s cold — and her shift at work tomorrow as a result of her being out for the count — and aside from liberally medicating with Tylenol Cold and lots of bedrest, I need something hot for my poor throat. :(

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Brett said

I have a cold too and I find Numi Moroccan Mint, and Ahmad Lemon and Lime soothing to my throat (and I can actually taste them).

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I second the recommendation for Numi Moroccan Mint(or other mints I have on hand, If I don’t have these). I also use celestial seasonings Tummy Mint, and what ginger I have on hand. traditional medicinals Throat Coat is wonderful for soothing.
Favorite gingers include Twinning’s Lemon & Ginger and Numi Ginger Pu-erh

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Alphakitty said

When I have a cold, strong ginger tea is the way I go. My favorite is Rishi’s Pu-erh Ginger but Twinning’s Lemon & Ginger is surprisingly tasty (and a lot easier to get since almost every grocery store stocks it!).

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Uniquity said

Mint, lemon and/or ginger or me. I tend to go for just the tisanes but some camellia in there couldn’t hurt. A bit of proper tea might help perk you up as it is caffeinated. Personally, mint works the best for headache, sore throat, cough and congestion. Feel better!!

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Herbal: Traditional Medicinals Echinacea tea or Gypsy Cold Care. Brew double strength for 15 min. to get the full effect.

Regular: Any type of green tea.

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teajoteas said

I like to put a few drops of Echinacea in Peppermint tea…works every time for me. Elderberry is another great herb to put in your tea, and it slows down viral infections

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Yes, I love an elderberry supplement I have found, need to look into an elderberry tea. Might try teas with rosehips or hibiscus too, as they have good quantity of vitamin C. Ten Ren’s Hibiscus spice is my favorite, though I have a hibiscus and berry tea that I love in the summer.

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DAVIDsTEA has an herbal blend called Bravissimo that is literally a sore throat miracle cure for me. If you don’t have a Davids near you anything with licorice, peppermint and ginger!!

This is what I reach for when I’m sick too! It leaves a very soothing feel in your throat after you drink it.

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cuppaT said

Remember, lots of plain (but not cold) water too. Hope you feel better soon, Valerie.

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Isaila said

Okay, here is my sore throat tea recipe: take good rooibos. add lemon zest. add a huge amount of honey. it tastes sort of funny at first, but it makes sore throats soooo much better.
actually, I’m making this right now for my whole family. because we’re all sick.

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