need feedback on Mountain Rose Herbs

saw mountain rose on reseller ratings and there were a bunch of negative feedback on them mixed with good feedback. im not sure how safe it is to order there…

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candlelite said

I’ve used them for herbs for soap making. I was a bit worried too, but it was fine, I didn’t run into any issues.

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I have been thrilled with their products for years: herbs for cooking and medicinal use for, as well as all the essential oils I have used. they are a local(ish) company for me.
due to wanting to avoid stevia, I am not interested in their teas.

sorry, i have to ask but why do you want to avoid stevia?

a good friend of mine with long background in herbalism has found it causes migraines for her, and I am already prone to them, so do not want to risk the side effect. Also, I can not stand the aftertaste.

hm, that is good to know. i almost got some stevia _ so this company puts stevia in its blends?

ashmanra said

I had a reaction to Stevia, too. Bad heartburn and stomach pain that kept me miserable for half a day. It was in an herbal blend.

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I noticed in the catalog that they are starting to in some. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea has started to add it as well, I have had to stop using some blends and stop considering some due to the addition. I have also noticed stevia in blends by several companies popular here on steepster, but which are new/previously unknown to me as well.

Uniquity said

Davids Tea has started using it sometimes and I hate it. I hate the taste, the smell and the ‘sweetness.’ Luckily it doesn’t seem to cause headaches for me though.

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I order from them regularly, and the quality (taste wise) of their herbs is phenomenal. We order all of the ingredients to make our own herbal blends.

My one criticism is that more delicate ingredients can arrive pretty banged up. The chamomile we ordered, for example, arrived with a fair amount of pulverized bits. This is probably really hard to avoid, and God knows how it was handled in transport. But I’m only one state away. And really, for the absurdly cheap price, this doesn’t feel like a very valid complaint.

The actual teas I ordered came inside boxes (the herbs are in stand up pouches), so they were a little more resistant to damage.

I’ll order from them in the future. I’m actually waiting for them to get more Valerian root in, and I’ll be placing an order. :-)

Alphakitty said

Do you know how frequently they restock? I’ve been wanting to place an order but two of the items I want (juniper berries and grapefruit peel) are out of stock.

I don’t rightly know. This is the first time I’ve wanted to get something that was out, and actually signed up to be notified.

JC said

They take some time. I’ve been buying from them for about a year and a half now and I constantly re-stock for cooking or tea blends. They do have great customer service, I’m sure if you contact them they’ll let you know a time frame for restocking.

ashmanra said

Hello, Dylan! We miss you and Missy!

Hi :). I’m back and lurking a little bit. We got distracted for a bit with everything going on with the holidays and such. Missy will be back too, if she can get off of CastleVille ;)

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I’ve used their herbs for my teas, and haven’t had any issues. Shipping was quick. No complaints here!

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Their herbs are wonderful. I have not had a problem. The only thing I did find out recently is that they are not gluten free. A rep told me they shouldn’t be cross contaminated but the facility they use isn’t certified and therefore they can’t guarantee gluten free.

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I have ordered many things from them and have only had positive experiences with them.
In fact, their teas are very fresh and of good quality and quite affordable.
I would recommend them!

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Azzrian said

I have not ordered from them in years but back when I did they were excellent. The only reason I have not ordered from them lately is that I have not done any herbal blending in ages.

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ashmanra said

I know a couple of people who order from them happily, and I am planning to place an order in the not too distant future.

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