Time to clean out my sample box

At Christmas I received a large shipment from China. Well long story short they dumped in a ton of samples of tea. I have made my choices and I have 10 tieguayin Oolong samples left. (in sealed packages) Any takers?

You either e-mail me at [email protected] or fill out the contact us form at www.jadeteapot.com asking for the china Oolong tea sample. first ten people will get one. I have one of each type I am sure which is which since I cant read all the packages.

(make sure complete addresses so I can send them.)

All gone Sorry now.

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gmathis said

Request posted on your contact form. Thanks!

Thank you so much I saw that. I will get these all out by Thursday to you.

Meghann M said

requested via email, thanks for posting this opportunity!

Thanks for helping me.

Cofftea said

Thank you!

wombatgirl said

Submitted a contact form. Thanks for posting this!

thanks for helping

Garrett said

Sent an email, idk if all 10 have been claimed yet or not.

they are all gone. none left

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