Poll: What are your top 10 online tea shops?

I’m hearing a lot about

David’s Tea
52 Teas
Golden Moon
The Persimmon Tree
Mariage Freres
Red Leaf Tea
Della Terra

What else?

I just want to see if there are good ones that I missed :)

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I really love zentealife.com, fusionteas.com and tealux.ca !! (And Della Terra, but you already mentioned that one.)

yssah said

Feel free to mention all the companies you like. Each time a company is mentioned, I give them a point (just for poll purposes) :D

I have loved everything that I have tried from Zen teas! They are seriously high quality teas! My only regret is wasting AA grade teas on my novice loose leaf skills; I didn’t even re-steep anything but my last one (lady earl grey) which re-steeped 3 times amazingly.

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lupicia, ESP emporium are missing.

Though, my top would be
Butiki, 52 Teas, Della Terra, Red Leaf, Davidstea, Persimmon Tree, Lupicia.

It be a longer list, but sellers I want to try don’t accept paypal or I’d order off them.

yssah said

i knew i missed some, thanks!

Lupicia is fantastic and very nicely priced! There are a couple out here in LA county.

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Azzrian said

I won’t list my top ten as that would not be possible there are so many to love but some you are missing are:
Mountain Tea
Stone Leaf Teahouse
Shang Tea
Dragon Tea House
Nuvola Tea
Andrews & Dunham
To name a few more excellent companies.
Oh and of course Lupicia!

yssah said

oh, i didn’t mean to set a limit. that number was just off the top of my head ^^

Azzrian said

:) No worries haha I just have so many I love. You had a lot of them in your list!

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candlelite said

Teavana is TERRIBLE and have the worst business practices! I got a gift card from a well-meaning relative, and Teavana charged my card and held the money, while not sending me my order. They didn’t even bother to tell me so until I contacted them on facebook! I’m still battling with them to get my money back. Horrible, seriously. Don’t do it! Just do a search and you’ll see what I mean.

yssah said

i read that post and feel really bad about their pushy sales and lack of compassion. i just included the company coz it appears a lot in forum discussions. sorry about that and thanks for bringing it up. it will help all of us to be careful in dealing with them when we have to.

nwolf93 said

I’ve also had negative experiences with Teavana they have some great teas but they add alot of flavouring and what the pass off as flavoured teas something should be called a fruit blend. I got a flavoured mate tea. THERE WAS NO MATE! There was more lemongrass than mate they shouldn’t call it a mate blend if it;s mainly fruit it should be a fruit blend with some mate in it. When I buy a tea thats supposed to be flavoured mate or green I’m expecting that the tea leaves will be the dominate ingredient enhanced by whatever they add not the additives being the main. Sorry I find myself ranting now haha.

Elle said

Teavana is terrible with customer service! Very true on that note!

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candlelite said

On a positive note, I’ve had wonderful experiences with Verdant, TeaVivre and Adagio. I find most vendors that are active on Steepster are great to do business with!

yssah said

i know 52 teas is active, who else is?

Kittenna said

Stacy from Butiki Teas, David from Verdant, Frank from 52teas, and… Garrett? from Mandala are all active on Steepster (and that’s not an exhaustive list).

Della Terra & DavidsTea are active on Facebook (which is pretty close). Awesome customer service seems to correlate with companies being active on social media sites, I agree.

I have seen folks from Teajo teas, tealet,whispering pines,shang tea,della terra,The Persimmon Tree,Aiya matcha, red leaf tea, off the top of my head.

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Uniquity said

I rarely buy anything online, but I have had very positive experiences in terms of shipping and customer service with Teavivre, Verdant Tea and 52Teas. Della Terra Teas and Butiki are two more that really care about their customers and the tea itself, though I have only had the odd tea from each of them. I purchase a lot from DavidsTea in person and recommend them to others.

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Nicole said

My top ones would be Shang Tea, Butiki, Harney & Sons, New Mexico Tea and The Tea Merchant. I haven’t tried Teavivre or Verdant yet but I want to!

I haven’t had bad customer service experiences with any of the online merchants I’ve done business with.

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Katiek said

The ones I’ve used the most are:

Harney & Sons
Tea Source
David’s Tea
Upton Tea
Della Terra
52 Teas
Joy’s Teaspoon
Tea Gershwinder

I’m sure I’m forgetting some. I really haven’t had any where I had bad service, but some have more teas that I like. I’m still relatively new, and focused more on flavored black or rooibos than on white or green teas.

ETA: Forgot to mention White August as well.

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Sare said

Davids teas!

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Claire said

I really love:
Verdant Tea
Mandala Tea
Harney and Sons
Upton Tea
Della Terra
Samovar (although I am lucky enough to live by Samovar and Lupicia)
David’s Tea

And I’m really looking forward to trying some teas from Butiki this year!

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