Greenwood Studio - Ceramics by Shawn Erin McGuire

I just thought I’d introduce myself to this community. I’m a potter with a great love for tea and making tea ware. You can check out my work here

I’ll try to update this topic from time to time with new work as well as coupon codes to my shop.

Comments and feedback are welcome!!

Shawn Erin McGuire

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lovely work, I have seen your work around etsy.

ashmanra said

Lovely work!

I just completed a bunch of new gaiwan and cup sets, which I’ll be adding to my shop over the next couple of days. These are pretty small, capacities that are not commonly available. I think they are pretty unique and fun for personal enjoyment :))

Here’s an example-

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!
Shawn McGuire

lovely pieces. wow. we all say lovely :\

Kamyria said

I’ve seen your pieces around etsy…. Beautiful work!!!

MissLena said

These are beautiful! Thank you for posting :) I will definitely check out your work!

Thanks folks :)

Very nice!
I lived in Syracuse for several years. I wish I had known about you back then!

Very Cool! Did you ever visit Cazenovia? I love it here!!

I’ll be listing some new Shiboridashi over the next couple if days. There will be lots of different sizes to chose from. Here’s one example:

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