Greenwood Studio - Ceramics by Shawn Erin McGuire

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You have some beautiful pieces, I love your gaiwan and cup sets. :)

Thanks, Kitty. I appreciate that :))

Billy said

Wow, thats nice work! I may have to buy a few pieces.

Long time, no post ;) it’s been s very busy summer so far!!

I’m having a sale in my shop this weekend to move some work and make room for new. 25% off any purchase over $50. At checkout use coupon code AUGUST13. Sale ends Sunday at midnight.

I’m having a Spring Cyber Kiln Opening tomorrow, Friday, June 13 @ Noon EST. I’ll be releasing lots of new work fresh out of the wood kiln and more! I hope you’ll check it out :))

Skysamurai said
GuyOne said

+1 for Shawn’s work. I have three of his brewing devices and love them dearly.

Unfortunately I dropped out of Etsy cause of the darn “recommendations” that started clogging up the activity feed. So I’ll just have to appreciate the new pieces from afar.

I’m glad you enjoy the brewers, GuyOne!

My new work is live now! Steepster friends can use coupon code SPRING14 for a discount at checkout :)) Coupon good thru Sunday the 15th.


nice, delicate work…. i tried to throw pottery once…. ended up with hilarious bowls with 3/4 inch thick sides…. too wabisabi for even ME! I appreciate the artistry in your pieces all that much more because of it!

Haha, Donkey. That’s pretty typical when starting out :))

I’ve had several really nice firings recently, so over the next couple weeks I’ll be adding a lot if new work to my page. Lots of tea stuff!

boychik said

Your pieces are beautiful. Any promo for Steepster peeps;) ?

Anlina said

Wow your work is gorgeous! Looking at your stuff gives me pangs to get back into ceramics, though your work has a polish to it that I’m lightyears away from achieving.

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