Ovation Teas No More :(

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DaisyChubb said

Aw they only ship to the States :B Brown Sugar Fig tea was going to be my new favourite

Azzrian said

That sounds DELICIOUS!!! I would split it with you but I only have 12 in my paypal and hubby needs it for gas lol

momo said

I kind of really want it but there is no way I could go through a pound ever. Ughhhh why did I have to come see this hahaha.

Azzrian said

I went and looked at reviews on it – it still sounds good but I want it a bit less now. What I DO want is more of the custom blend I had them make – GOODNESS it is good!

i can ship some to you if you cover shipping, Daisy :)

which blend is that Azz? is it still on the site?

Boo! You’re sure? I can’t find anything in their shipping info, did you only discover that when you tried to place an order? Not that I need ANY more tea, but still, a crazy sale like that!

Edit: Nevermind, just tried to check out to see what was up. Kinda looks like they used to ship elsewhere, but maybe stopped because of the shipping costs when they’re closing down? Too bad.

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I want to try the blueberry earl grey, but a pound is just too much tea.

Alphakitty said

I’m most likely going to be doing an order with a friend, chances are that I’ll be ordering this tea and will have anywhere from 8 to 4 ounces left over if you want in on the order!

Lazey said

I want to try the blueberry Earl Grey too, and the Raspberry Earl Grey.

Alphakitty said

I might have enough of the blueberry, but I think I’m going to be splitting the raspberry 50/50 so there will be none left but I’d be happy to send you a sample! Also, would anyone be interested in splitting the Blueberry Pineapple Green?

T.C. said

I’m embarrassed for saying this….since they just got a close to $50 order from me….but I’ll split a Blueberry Pineapple Green with you

Dustin said

I am torn between the blueberry and raspberry earls too! I think I might get the raspberry, but if anyone gets the blueberry and wants to split/trade, I’m down!

A lot of their teas don’t have steepster reviews which makes it really hard for me to buy bulk without having tried it before. I depend on those reviews a lot!

Alphakitty said

@T.C—thanks so much! I’ll let you know after I order to get your shipping address ^^

I’ll also post if I have any leftover blueberry/rasp earl grey since there seems to be a ton of interest in those! If there’s interest in other fruity blends let me know, since I may be willing to split them depending on how much money I have for it haha

I’m also interested in the pear, and caramel praline.

Alphakitty said

Which Pear, black white or green? I’d be interested in the white or green, though probably for only about 4 ounces (or 2 of the white, since it’s half a pound).

The black pear. Though white looks good too.

Ah! I’d love to try a ton of these but I certainly don’t need 160 cups of the same tea (one pound!) These are the ones I’d like to try, and I wouldn’t even need a half a pound. Two ounces of each would be fine with me. I’d buy $1 an ounce plus shipping by paypal for anyone if they don’t need all of theirs? ALSO many of the others (not in the blends), I’d also buy… mainly the breakfasts, blacks, oolongs and yellow. It would be a good idea for someone with the money to buy these to recoup some of their money if they don’t need a whole pound!
Caramel Praline Delight splitting with yssah
Lavender Earl Grey
Rose Earl Grey

Mango Apple
Chocolate Coconut
Vanilla Chai
Brown Sugar Fig splitting with yssah
Lemon Rose Oolong
Peach Oolong
Raspberry Lemon Oolong
jasmine berry bloom green
berry blast green
Apricot white tea
Jasmine Rose White
pineapple blueberry green
Blueberry Earl Grey
Chocolate Raspberry Mint
Raspberry Earl Grey

Halmari Estate Assam TGFOP Black Tea splitting with yssah
Yunnan TGFOP Black Tea
Roasted Yerba Mate
Phoenix Jasmine Pearls Green Tea
Organic Hojicha Roasted Green Tea
Lapsang Souchong Smoked Black Tea
Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Oolong Tea
Kundalay Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea
Irish Breakfast
Scottish Breakfast
English Breakfast
Ti Kwan Yin
White Tip Oolong Tea
Keemun Orange Pekoe Black Tea
New Vithanakanda OP Black Tea
Jasmine Leaf Green Tea
Matcha Powdered Green Tea
Huang Shan yellow tea

I’m just throwing this out there, in case anyone doesn’t know what to do with so many ounces of the same tea!

It would be awesome if someone could buy me a Bodum Yoyo mug and I could repay for that, half of shipping paid to Ovation, and some ounces of teas of whatever you bought I’m interested in (plus shipping to me) through paypal. I’m in NY.

Edited: It looks like Alphakitty will kindly buy a mug for me, but if anyone will have excess ounces of the teas listed above, I’m up for paying paypal!

Alphakitty said

Tea Sipper—I’m in NY as well, shoot me a PM! I’ll probably only be ordering a few teas but I think some of them are on your list, and I could def order the mug for you as well.

I’m getting the raspberry EG, and the black pear, and a couple of others.

I might be ordering some of the others on that list as well. I let you know if I do. :-)

CheshireEyes — definitely let me know if you do! ‘Follow’ me so we can send messages! thanks

let me know too Chesire.. I just ordered tea and can’t order by the pound right now haha

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darby select said

Did anyone have a problem with checkout? It tells me their security certificate is not valid.

I’m getting the ‘connection is untrusted’ message too. Hmm

T.C. said

i just accepted it anyway and the process worked fine. Got invoice in email shortly after. Guessing since they are going out of business they aren’t renewing their license for 2013

darby select said

Well, just hope we don’t all get our identities stolen!

Dustin said

Eh, you didn’t have to put anymore info than what you could find in a phone book, so I wouldn’t worry to much about identity theft if you paid with Paypal.

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Do they accept paypal?

T.C. said

yes, that’s how i paid

Did you bypass the ‘connection is untrusted’ message?

T.C. said

Yes I did. (Their office is 10 minutes up the road from me if I have any issues though)

Dustin said

The message spooked me a little too. When I saw I could use Paypal and that I wasn’t putting any sensitive info on the Ovation site, I felt fine about it.

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i would like an ounce of the above-listed teas as well so why dont those willing to sell/swap some of theirs by the ounce, pls make a post for each tea and indicate how many oz you can spare so we can sign up under each post? :)

go steepster groupbuy! hahaha

seriously, if no one is up to adopting a tea that enough people are wanting to get a bit of – im willing to buy the flavors that have people signed up to claim a total of 15oz, and as Tea Sipper suggested sell for a $1/oz +shipping OR swap with your teas.

Dustin said

$1 an ounce only works for the blends since they are $16 for 16oz. The other tea is sold in varying prices for 8oz, which makes it not so straight forward on those.

right. so we gotta indicate the price if the tea we are proposing costs more than $1/oz so that those who sign up know. thanks Dustin :)

I was just going to pay $1 an ounce for any of the teas, even if they were $5.99 for 8 ounces or something… unless of course the tea cost more than that ($14.99 for 8 ounces for example), then I’ll pay more.

Cavocorax said

I think that’s a great idea. $1 per ounce seems like the easiest way to do it – it’s not like we’re getting a bad deal for that price. (Unless, as Tea Sipper says, the tea is more than that!)

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ok, im adopting the brown sugar fig – whether or not the 15oz gets claimed.
i prefer swapping coz there’s a ton of teas i havent tried :)

who’s wanting to swap for this tea and by how many oz?

Can I have an ounce or so? We were already planning another swap.

of course! let me know how many you want so i can close this flavor when we reach 16oz :)

if i put you down for 1oz, we are at 2oz now.

I’d be interested in an ounce of this tea. Look at my cupboard and see if there is anything you’d like as a swap.

thanks Veronica! i forgot im getting this whole thing for swapping! lacking sleep? hahaha ok. pm’ing you :)

I’ll take 1oz of it :-) Check out my cupboard if there is anything you want to swap for it.

Maria said

I will totally get in on this, I would like 4 oz but I would prefer to pay for it since I do not have a ton of teas I am willing to swap right now! So if that is okiedokie count me in!

If I do buy some from you, I could take 2 ounces. That’s ten ounces so far.. if I need to take an extra ounce, that’s fine with me. Everyone is aware that one ounce is around 10 cups of tea right?

I can actually do 2oz to help get it closer to 15 oz and I can actually just buy it if you don’t want to swap :-)

@Cheshire: i want to swap! haha, sorry about that. you dont have to take 2oz unless you want to, i forgot i was getting this one for myself :P pm’ing you

y’all: its ok if you want to go paypal vs swapping. it just includes the shipping cost ok?

put em down for 1 oz

Dustin said

Does that leave 2oz left? I’ll take it!

hm let’s see, thats
1 for me, yappy, Veronica, Lariel, Cheshire, momo
2 for TS, Cavocorax, and Dustin
4 for Maria

Alphakitty said

If there’s an ounce left I will take it to go along with my White Pear!


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im not “adopting” the blueberry earl grey but just opening up a post for reservations. if it reaches 16oz, i will buy it for the group and send it out with the brown sugar fig but if not….well, i think we can easily fill up 16oz for this so no worries right?

im automatically signed up for an ounce of each tea im posting up ayt so 15oz left to go for this one :D

Oh, that’s the one I most wanted.

ok, 1oz for you?

Yeah, 1 oz would be good.

Babble said

I’d take an ounce of this if its still available.

yep. 3oz reserved of the 16oz needed.

it has to be fulfilled or none of us will be able get this tea tho.

I’d be interested in 1 oz as well.

Cavocorax said

I don’t know how this would work, but I would buy 2 oz of this from you, and 2 oz of the sugar fig IF you didn’t mind shipping it to Canada. I would pay for the 4 oz, and the shipping costs. Not sure how to get the money to you though so if that doesn’t work, it’s not a big deal. :)

Cavocorax said

Also, if it’s just (roughly) $1 an ounce, and you’re already shipping to me anyway, I’d be willing to take an ounce here or there of the other teas you’re suggesting if it means you’re stuck with less tea. :P I’m adventurous that way, and if it’d make your life easier… why not?

Cavocorax said

Another idea – if it’s too complicated to swap, I can also buy tea from DavidsTea and ship that to you for an equivalent value (with shipping). Or from another Canadian company. :) I just hope I don’t spend more than $30.

ok there are takers for 6oz already. we need 6 more oz to be claimed!

Cavocorax: i have paypal. i can have the shipping to canada computed and let you know how much before i actually ship it.

idk if it will be cheaper to send all canada orders (if there are more than 1) to one person who can send the rest to others.

and thanks for offering. i will be buying the white pear and this blueberry as well as the Assam and brown sugar fig now.

Lazey said

I’d be interested in an ounce or two of the Blueberry EG either buy or swap. Same with the Raspberry EG.

Cavocorax said

Yssah – that sounds great.
So I’m down for 2 oz Sugar Fig, 2 oz Blueberry Eg, 2 oz of Assam and 1 oz of anything else you end up getting. I can pay you through paypal as soon as you give me a total.

No rush on the actual shipping :) I started to follow you as well so that you can private message me after this is done with the details.

i’ll take 1 oz

Dustin said

I would take 4oz.

4oz for Dustin
1oz for yappy, Cheshire, Rachel, Lariel, and me
2oz for Cavocorax, Lazey

total of 13oz?

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again, not adopting but just posting for raspberry earl grey.

i figure it would be best if we can fill up reservations for each tea quickly so we can order everything all together before they run out ^^

it can save on shipping too. and shipping is free for orders over $49 :D

Dustin said

Where did you see a free shipping option? The only option I saw was $10 for USPS and it didn’t matter how much I had in the cart.

Dustin said

Ah ha! I’m not sure if they are honoring that with this liquidation sale. Might be worth a call in to double check if you are counting on free shipping. Free shipping didn’t look like an option when I ordered.

you’re right Dustin! they emailed me that free shipping is gone.

Dustin said

Aww, bummer. Still a good deal tho! Yssah, will you follow me so I can PM you?

I’d be in for 2 oz of this if this gets up to 16 oz. :D

Hi guys, I’m willing to get the 16oz of this tea and distribute to others. See page 4 of this thread for my post regarding the details of how this deal would go down. Then PM me if you’re interested.

I’ll take an ounce or two of this one if anyone bought it and is willing to share or swap.

I actually went a head and bought this tea since I was drooling over the bodum mugs and frother anyway. Please PM me and we will work out the details.
I haven’t received shipping notice yet, FYI. :)

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just want to remind yall that anybody can propose a tea for reservation. i will pick it up if nobody will when it’s filled up.

however if it does not reach 16oz, i will not pick it up coz i dont want to keep more than 1oz of each flavor.

just remember to indicate how many ounces you are in for it and how much it would cost per ounce. if not indicated, we will assume it is $1/oz. thanks!

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EG lavender

Dustin said

The Earl Grey Lavender and the Earl Grey Rose both peaked my interest. Has anyone ordered either who is willing to sell or trade some? I’d be interested in as much as 4oz of each.

Tea Sipper did indicate wanting some of those as well. and im in for an ounce each. Dont know anyone who is getting either tho.

if this fills up to 16, i can pick it up or someone else can for a change. more effort on your part but at least you dont pay for shipping to yourself :)

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