Ovation Teas No More :(

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here are the best ovation teas as rated on steepster. pls note that Dustin mentioned that a lot of their blends aren’t rated yet tho ^^


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i nominate Silver Needle Jasmine Supreme White Tea $10/8oz or $1.25/oz

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New Vithanakanda OP Black Tea $7/8oz or $0.90/oz

know what..i hate math so im just going to make these arbitrary values $1 unless it goes above a dollar :P

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Silver Sprout Green Tea $5/8oz or $0.63/oz – converted to $1 for convenience

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Halmari Estate Assam TGFOP Black Tea (8oz) $1/oz

Hey! I hope you aren’t just ordering teas on my account, since I’m also splitting teas with Alphakitty and possibly others, so I have no idea what I’ll need yet. Just so you know! I also know Alphakitty is buying her own so she might not need you to buy some for her. I’d say just buy the ones you want and there are sure to be takers either for $1 an ounce or trades. I’m not guaranteeing I need any of these yet. You can let me know eventually what you order though. So don’t just buy teas for me… thank you though.

oh no, this is just a survey to see if there is enough people who want a tea. like you, i would like some but not badly enough to invest in getting a lot.

i will not be ordering any of the teas unless enough ounces are reserved by takers coz i really just want to try an ounce of each and it is a way for me to be able to swap with teas that people are actually interested in.

i just thought you guys were looking for people to split with thru posts so i just organized it like this. sorry if i overdid it :(

i dont have to be the one to buy every tea. it will be a pain to actually portion all of it out by myself but i was just sayin that IF there are enough requests for a tea AND nobody is willing to pick it up for the group, THEN i will be willing to.

i will definitely buy the brown sugar fig tho, regardless :)

oh okay… I see what you mean. If I’m not getting the teas with Alphakitty or someone else then I MIGHT be interested in buying ounces of the teas at least on my list. Just no guarantees! thanks

thank you! it was you guys’ posts that inspired me to want to try all the other teas as well :)

it would help if you did sign up but im hoping that there will be enough takers for all the teas that everyone proposes so that we will be able to get them (before they run out) without anyone needing to take more ounces than they wish to.

TS pm’d me to say that she’s getting 4oz of this. plus 1oz for me makes it 5oz/8oz

+1oz for yappy = 6oz

Cavocorax said

I think I said it on another page been the I’ll take 2oz to finish this off. Ican change to 1oz if someone else wants it.

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Caramel Praline

Maria said

I would also love some of this if anyone is willing to split with me.

I’d like two or three ounces of this too.

im automatically signed up for an ounce for all the teas ive proposed, Maria :) how many oz would you like so we can buy this as soon as it reaches 16oz?

there’s at least 4oz for this now.

momo said

I’d take a couple ounces of this (2-3 is good), I wanted to buy more than the one I was splitting with a friend but didn’t want to spend too much.

Maria said

I’d like 3 oz! :)

I’d like an oz.

So that’s at least
1 for yssah
3 Maria
3 Tea Sipper
3 Momo
1 Lariel

So that’s 11 ounces… who’s buying? haha.

ok TS, i can take this since the teas are disappearing fast as you said, unless Maria or Momo wants to get it. it will also be a cheaper divvy of the $10 ovation shipping. but somebody please take some out of my hands haha

I will definitely buy 3 ounces of it from you if you order it! (Along with the brown sugar fig and hopefully the Hilmari assam.)

we should be pooling resources and combining shipping. not having people order one each and shipping around

i dont get it, whatdyoumean yappy? i did see checkout with multiple addresses but will they really ship to diff addresses for just $10 total in shipping?

i mean.. bleh.. i wish we knew each other more so we could contribute to a pot and have it shipped to one person and have them distribute it.. the 10$ shipping regardless of weight is outrageous

i’ll take 2 oz

Dustin said

I don’t know Yappychappy, I just got 6oz worth of tea from Della Terra today and the box says they paid $6.20 for shipping. I think if you are buying a few pounds, $10 is a deal.

pavl is getting 2oz. making this 15oz.

Cavocorax said

I’ll do the last oz if you need me too. It sounds good.

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White Pear (8oz) $2/oz

I’d take an ounce of this one. Or two if you need it to fill an order.

Alphakitty said

I’d be up for an ounce of this!

yay! we just need at least 2 (maybe Lariel and Erin?) to split 3 oz bet the 2 of them haha.

I’ll take 1 oz of this one!

Dustin said

Ok, 1oz for me too please!

Hi peeps! I’m willing to buy the 8oz of this tea and send it out to you all. See page 4 of this thread to see details of how this deal would go down. Then PM if you’re interested!

Dustin said

I think Yssah already bought it. Look at her post just above your page 4 post.

Oh yeah. I saw her list but totally missed the pear. Well if anyone gets bumped off yssah’s list cause there’s too many people, I’ll pick them up. :)

ok 1 oz goes to pavl. and this is closed.

thanks for offering Mercury. if that does happen, we will not count your 1oz anymore so pls let us know so we can open this up for another :)

Yssah, let me know how you’d like to arrange the details of me getting my 1 ounce. :)

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as for the

Scottish BF
Yunnan TGFOP-1st Grade
Lapsang Souchong Smoked Black Tea
Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Oolong Tea
Jasmine leaf green
Irish Breakfast (w gold tips)
Ti Kwan Yin
Keemun Orange Pekoe
English Breakfast

i have a different (cheaper or equally-priced but reputable) source for those so i will not vote for them but if anybody is interested in some of those, i can start a thread for “orders” :)

also, i need at least 16oz of reservations per tea to be able to get them. the good news is, these teas will be around for you to get again if you do find that you like them (except for this Ti Kwan Yin coz it is a reserve type).

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T.C. said

I purchased a pound of Phoenix Jasmine Pearls Green Tea and half pound of King of Silver Needles White Tea(no longer shown on site since I got the last of it).

So if people want to swap for an ounce or two of either I’ll be up for it and it would save you an order.

wow, good job on the KSNW, TC! :)

i actually cant taste anything yet from white teas but it would be fun to have a small swap of the Jasmine Pearls

T.C. said

Shouldn’t be a problem since we are doing the other swap already. We’ll just do them all at once.

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So just so everyone is clear, I’m not ordering anything from Ovation, but I will be buying through paypal two-three ounces of teas anyone wants to share + shipping. Just as reassurance you won’t be stuck with an entire pound/half of tea! There are so many I want to try that I’m sure the rest you will buy them. :D

I’ll be doing the same thing

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