Ovation Teas No More :(

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Erin said

Suggestion, please!

If you wanted to buy a fruit flavor, such as pear or apricot, would you go with black, green, or white tea? I am mostly interested in the pear aspect, and am more flexible on the base (black, green, white). I definitely want to taste the pear.

I personally think whites really let fruit flavours shine without overshadowing them. Some people might say green, so I’ll note here that I’m not a green fan.

There are some fruits I would like a black base with as well (blueberry, peach), but for pear I would definitely say white is safest. If a pear flavour is “wrong,” it’s just terrible.

I had a wonderful lychee pear green tea, that would have been a staple had it not been discontinued. could taste both notes, but the green was a very light base. with blacks, sadly I never know if it is my personal taste biases (don’t care much for blacks, fruity, or flavored teas) or the teas themselves that “fail” for me…but I agree that the lighter end of tea (whites, mild greens) might be best for pear.

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Everyone.. the item count just went from 52 to 44, so if you’re planning on ordering, you better do it quick! Things are going fast!

hahaha, the pressure! fine, i will get the blueberry and the praline and order NOW for fear of losing the Halmari.

thank you so much, yssah! I really appreciate it!

we tea lovers gotta stick together!

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we should start a joint paypal and buy them out and split it among ourselves STAT. their shipping rates are ridiculous and I have no need for a pound of a tea I haven’t tried. (or any tea really)

hahaha, great idea! idk how to do that tho!

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guys i already ordered fig, bb eg, pear, assam, and praline for fear of losing the teas that already had signups.

if anybody wants to open signups for other teas (with the knowledge that it may not push through if not enough join in or the last of that tea is snatched up), im willing to “coordinate” as long as i get a little help with the shipping costs.

Cavocorax said

I appreciate you coordinating all this. :)

aw, thanks. i appreciate that you guys appreciate it :) and thanks for pitching in everyone!

ya thanks tons. you’re amazing (:

You are awesome Yssah! :-)

wow, you guys are so happy..im glad! will do my best to send you the teas as fast and nicely as i can :)

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I’d be willing to order the Raspberry Earl Grey ($1 per oz) and Pear White tea ($2 per oz). PM me if you put your name in for either of these. Let me know how much you’re down for and we’ll work out the shipping and payment. I need to figure out how to use paypal for this. :)

So here’s the cost break down. You’ll pay per ounce you tea you want, plus + 25 cents per dollar (to cover the initial shipping price of $10 I’ll be paying to get the tea sent to me), and whatever shipping it costs to send the tea from me to you.

If we can meet up in NYC or maybe even Westchester, you’ll only pay for the tea and 25 cent per dollar of tea you get.

Example: If you get 2 oz of Raspberry Earl your tea total is $2. Add 25 cents per dollar of tea is 50 cents. If shipping to you costs me $3, your complete total is $5.50 for 2 oz of tea.

I hope that sounds fair! I just want to get the logistics out of the way so we have no misunderstandings later.

I’ll wait for some responses before I commit to purchasing the teas. Act soon before it’s all out!

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pavl said

It seems all the black tea blends are gone now.

Yeah, I was just going to mention that. Darn.

Dustin said

Well I guess that solves my dilemma about another order to pick up the rose and lavender earl greys.

pavl said

They seem to be back now

T.C. said

they went from 38 items last night to 43 today…interesting

It looks like they added a few more teas… I’m noticing some new greens.

Dustin said

I wonder if they are going to add any honeybush blends. I was really hoping they would.

T.C. said

Same here, love honeybush

my brother can offer honeybush blends at similar price levels – if there are enough pre-orders :)

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ToiToi select said

is anyone into straight, classic tea? I am interested in buying but 8oz by myself is just way too much :/ Looking to see if someone wants to split.

First Flush Darjeeling Oolong Tea
Shou Mei White Tea
White Monkey Bai Hao Zhu Green Tea
Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Oolong Tea
Yunnan TGFOP Black Tea
Emerald Tips Green Needle Tea

Also interested in couple flavored tea such as Jasmine Rose White Tea or Rose earl grey black tea, Cashmere Chai Green or Green apple tea (green)

T.C. said

I’d like to try some of the First Flush Darjeeling Oolong but only 2oz or so.

Also I have a bunch of King of Silver Needles White and Phoenix Jasmine Pearls coming from them if you want to just swap a few ounces.

Dustin said

I was hoping someone would pick up the rose earl grey…. :)

Dustin — if you’re buying some rose earl grey, buy an extra ounce or two for me, since I’m buying some of your other teas you can send it with those (and of course I’ll repay you for the rose too). :D

Dustin said

^Ok. :)

I just followed ToiToi. TT, will you pm me so we can talk swapping details? I ordered one of the teas on your list.

jasmine rose 1oz

and the black teas are gone again…plus the green blends

Dustin said

Oh, they are gone! I’d try calling them Monday or checking the website then. I wonder if they are just putting the availability up as they sort through their stock room. Either that or we are crashing their site in our tea frenzy!

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twb0392 said

I added tea to buy, but the $9.99 shipping is pretty steep.

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i have another source for the other teas on your list and my brother is up to offering them by the oz on a groupbuy arrangement like we just did here. the difference is there is no time pressure and the tea will still be available after the “ovation liquidation-priced” introductory period.

we are able to offer a wide range of teas so pm me a list of other teas you are looking for so i can put them up for poll (if we are able to offer it) and if it qualifies (by number of votes) for signup/pre-order.

it’s a great way to acquire a number of teas from a reputable source at low prices but it will take time so message me soon. this will give people enough time to vote for it in the poll and pre-order. payments will not be needed until the signups reach at least 16oz per tea and we actually place the orders on the first week of march.

will post the website where the polls will be held after i receive enough tea requests :)

T.C. said

Super secret sources?
color me intrigued!

haha, it is for tea sellers TC ;) for personal consumption, this will be the best deal for everyone…the only catch is that it takes time coz we have to wait for others who like the same tea as us.

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Did anyone get confirmation that their orders were sent yet?

T.C. said

Nope…Mine should be the first one sent since I ordered before posting here that they had the discount section up…

darby select said

Nope, I just ordered 1/31 so wouldn’t expect it for 5-7 days.

Alphakitty said

They blend all their teas to order so I’m assuming it’s probably going to take a while since it’s pounds and pounds!

I know… I can imagine the pounds and pounds. haha.

T.C. said

Mines pounds…but nothing that needs blended. Got the pure teas and matchas. Ordered 4pm on the 30th so we’ll see how long it takes

Dustin said

I ordered on the 30th too. Do they typically send tracking info on top of an order confirmation?

Matchas you say? I only saw one kind of matcha. Did they have more?

T.C. said

Only the plain matcha, sorry. Guess I worded that poorly.

none. only got an email that i placed the order haha. everyone’s so excited haha

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