Steepsters on Twitter?

Hey all! Just wondering if any of you guys are also on twitter. I’m @mashellebelle over there :)

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darky said

not using twitter that mutch atm, but i’m still figuring out the practical uses off the site :)

DaisyChubb said

yeeeah I’m daisychubb ! but we are twitter pals already, however I wanted to throw this up in case anyone else wants to follow :)

I have two, one for tea stuff (thepurrfectcup) and one for my regular stuff (CMPowers_1978).

I am on Twitter as KittyLovesTea. :)

I’m @riccaicedo

I’m on twitter too :)

Tina S. said

I’ve got two! My personal one is lauriegilbert, and the one I use (or try to when I have time) to log my tea drinking is sipofthemoment.

Lazey said

I’m @LazeyWinde on twitter, usually randomly tweeting about Once Upon a Time though.

Love that show.
mostly hooked with my crocheting/knitting blog, though I tweet about teas often too.

James R said

I’m Chicagotea

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