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Best tea for Anxiety?

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Sare said

Thank you everyone for your suggestions tomorrow if ican I will go threw my tea drawer and see if I can find anything of the things you have suggested. Tonight after taking my pill I went with a decaf earl grey it was ready to steep and quick a easy for me to throw in a cup and crawl in bed. Hubby is bein supper supportive and has been laying with me watching movies. Want to thank you all for your support it means the world to me to know I’m not alone with this anxiety and how im feeling .

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Traditional Medicinals also has a tisane that is lavender and chamomile and nothing else…

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Erin said

Omg, I’m so sorry :( I hope you can find some happiness in a good cup of tea. If I’m feeling stressed I usually turn to a ginger tea, but I kind of use ginger as a cure-all for just about anything.

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Bonnie said

I’m sorry about your grandmother.I’m 64 (almost 65) and close to my granddaughters. I lived with an invalid mother all my life and when she died it was a shock to me. Tea helps my fibromyalgia depression, especially puerh and maybe a good oolong because of the L-theanine (reduces anxiety).

If grandmother doesn’t communicate she will still feel you and your peace and love for her. You have a treasure. Keep her stories alive.

God Bless You,


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Serenity said

Sare, every time you sip a cup of tea, know that people here are thinking of you and your grandma. xo

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JazzyB said

I understand what you are going through. My grandpa has severe dementia and often suffers from TIA’s, It all seems to happen so fast with dementia. Just know that Whatever transpires between you two and whether she remembers you or not, she does love you and always will. The disease is whats talking, so just know she does love you, even if she can’t recognize you. The best thing for me was to read up on the disease so I could know what to expect. Try not to take her lapses in memory personally if you can help it. Visit if you can emotionally handle it, by all means.

I have anxiety problems also, although not as severe nowadays. When you feel your anxiety building try to clear your mind and breathe and maybe you can short circuit your anxiety before you go into a full blown attack. Panic attacks really aren’t fun (understatement of the millennium). Maybe look into biofeedback, meditation, and yoga. It sounds sort of kooky but it really does work.

I would suggest something caffeine free, but I think anything warm and comforting would be appropriate. I’ll be praying for you, make sure to take care of yourself.

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Sare said

Update to this is my grandmother passed away at around 6 pm on January 7th I don’t have any other details then that…. Only after talking to my best friend ad taking meds and I even ok to wright this tomorrow may be different… Thank you all for your support

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Big bear hugs and Java pony nuzzles heading your way Sare <3

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Claire said

Thinking about you Sare. I hope you get lots of hugs and comfort. Losing someone is never easy, but a part of your grandmother will always stay with you.

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Dapper Tea said

I struggle with anxiety at different times, and my doctor told me it’s best to avoid caffeine when my anxiety is high. I really like herbal teas because they usually don’t have caffeine, and they’re really soothing. Blueberry tea is actually my favorite because I drank it a lot as a kid. Apple and cinnamon tea is also really soothing because it tastes a bit like apple pie.

I also hope you get lots of comfort and hugs and anything else that might help.

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