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tperez said

Ripe (Shu) Pu'erh Recommendations?

I’m starting to run low on my first pu’erh cake, and looking to expand/explore as well. Any recommendations on a good quality, reasonably priced ripe brick/cake for drinking now?

My favorite qualities in the pu’erhs I’ve tried are the smooth, nutty, wood, and date flavors. I’m considering a Menghai Adorned in Red, as I’ve tried it (courtesy of Mr. Mopar) and liked it. Thanks in advance!

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Claire said

I’d recommend shopmandalatea.com. Garret has a really nice selection of puerh, and I’ve enjoyed the Phatty Cake, Wild Monk Sheng, and Wild Mountain Green. Garret is also super nice and I’m sure he can give you some good recommendations.

tperez said

Mmm, I’ve been eying the Phatty Cake :)

JC said

I haven’t bought from him. But I have received samples from Amy Oh and I’d second that recommendation. Especially, if you are going to try which tea areas you like. :)

inguna said

I second this recommendation as well.

I’ve also been eying the Phatty Cake!

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cuppaT said

I have purchased from an eBay seller, http://tinyurl.com/awhckj5
mrmopar recommended her. Cindy has a good variety of pu-erh cakes, her English is very good, prices are reasonable and her email responses are prompt. If you tell her what you are looking for I’m sure she can find something you will like. A lot of what she sells has free shipping as well.

tperez said

Tempted to get a cake of white moonlight :)

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mrmopar said

the adorned in red is good. another type you may want are the old tea nubs from the menghai factory they go a long way up to 10 steeps. garret has a 2011 old tea nub brick it is from 2011. it may be similar to the menghai. the only problem may be the newly fermented taste of the younger ones. i would probably try to shoot for a 3 year old or older tea for this. cuppaT is right cindy has very good english, good follow through and has more teas than listed on her site. if you contact her tell her jrs416cars sent you with a recommendation and she will take care of you.garret at mandala has a 2009 dayi hong that is pretty good too! for 24 bucks and 5 for shipping it would be a good one and you always get samples from garret too.

cuppaT said

Ooh, if you contact Cindy please tell her bche5690 also recommended her, so she won’t think I’ve forgotten her. Thanks!

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Puerhshop.com has bamboo aromatic ripe puerh. It is cheap and in my opinion has all the characteristics you mentioned.

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Will said

I would stick to Menghai and Xiaguan factories. 7452 is a pretty classic recipe (don’t confuse it with 7542, which is sheng pu’er). You could also try 8592, which is probably a bit larger leaf, but also cheaper.

I think this one is also not bad, especially for the price:

You could also check out some of the loose ripe offerings at
I like the 1994 camphor (zhangxiang) fragrance one pretty well.

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As mrmopar once recommended to me, the dayi v93 and menghai red aura are both quite good.

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