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Best Tea Thermos Without an Infuser?

Currently looking for a nice small/medium sized leakproof!!! thermos, but since I brew the tea and then put it into a thermos, I don’t really need or want an infuser in it. All the companies say their thermoses are leak proof but how many actually are? The one I used this morning certainly wasn’t.

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darby select said

I use contigo and they are leakproof. I throw mine in my bag all the time. I occasionally will twist my wrist to stir the tea and no problem! I also use one from Teavana. It has an infuser but I don’t use it. This is also leakproof.

Sil select said

i second the contigo travel mugs! They only leak if you depress the button but i toss them in my purse all the time lol

pegasi said

Third this… they’re great (and keep your tea nice and hot!)

Kittenna said

I fourth this… just got one for Christmas and I’m loving it. Great price too if you’ve in Canada and can get to Costco – 2 for $20 :)

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I have Teavana’s and the Timolino from David’s Tea. I would swear by either of them in terms of being leakproof. I like the size of Teavana’s better, but the Timoline retains heat better (often too well). They both come with removable infusers that are currently sitting gathering dust in a pantry at home. LOL.

I also have an actual Thermos, stainless steel, and it is stunning. Amazing heat retention (as in, just-boiled stuff is the same temperature 12 hours later if you pre-heat it), and totally leakproof.

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Thanks everyone! I ordered a contigo off of amazon last night.

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Sil select said

I hope it works out for you! :)

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Exidy said

I went through a similar search a couple years ago after I had a couple of annoying spills, so I get where you’re coming from.

Now, I use an 18 oz thermos that I purchased from Amazon. I have 2 of these that I’ve used daily for nearly 2 years. Both are still leak proof (carried in my purse), maintain constant temperature all day, fit in my car’s drink holders, are easy to clean because of the wide openings, and are easy to use one-handed. I’d recommend anything Thermos brand.


Hope this helps.

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Katiek said

I have a thermos one similar to the one Exidy posted that I enjoy, and I also have a Zojirushi that I like (but that one’s pretty spendy). I’ve never had problems with either of them leaking.

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cuppaT said

I also want to thank those who suggested contigo. I just purchased a 16-oz. contigo autoseal 2-pack from Amazon (one for me, one for my mate). Before going out at around 1 p.m. today I brewed some pu-erh in the thermos; it is now after 10 p.m., I’m back home, and what’s left of the darned tea is still drinkably warm after being in a chilly car most of the day. Amazing!

Sil select said

Yay! So glad you enjoyed yours and it works for ya.

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