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Ateatime said

All Yixing teapot Clay Type

About Di Cao Qing http://www.ateatime.com/about-di-cao-qing/

About Zi Ni Clay(Purple mud)for Yixing Teapot http://www.ateatime.com/about-zi-ni-claypurple-mudfor-yixing-teapot/

About Hong Pi Long(Red Ni)Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-hong-pi-longred-niclay/

About Yixing Duan Ni Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-yixing-duan-ni-clay/

About Tian Qing Ni Clay for yixing teapot http://www.ateatime.com/about-tian-qing-ni-clay-for-yixing-teapot/

About jiang Po Ni Clay For Zisha Teapot http://www.ateatime.com/about-xiang-po-ni-clay-for-zisha-teapot/

About Zhu Ni Clay For Yixing Teapot http://www.ateatime.com/about-zhu-ni-clay-for-yixing-teapot/

About Qing Shui Ni(Clear Water Mud)For yixing teapot http://www.ateatime.com/about-qing-shui-niclear-water-mudfor-yixing-teapot/

About Ben Shan Green Ni Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-ben-shan-green-ni-clay/

About Hong Ni Clay(Red Clay) http://www.ateatime.com/about-hong-ni-clayred-clay/

About Qing Hui Ni Clay-Graphite Mud http://www.ateatime.com/about-qing-hui-ni-clay-graphite-mud/

About Hei Xing Tu Clay-Black star soil http://www.ateatime.com/about-hei-xing-tu-clay-black-star-soil/

About Zi Qie Ni Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-zi-qie-ni-clay/

About Gu Tong Clay-Bronze Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-gu-tong-clay-bronze-clay/

About Huangjin Duan(Gold Duan Ni Clay) http://www.ateatime.com/about-huangjin-duangold-duan-ni-clay/

About Zhi Ma Duan Clay(Sesame Clay) http://www.ateatime.com/about-zhi-ma-duan-claysesame-clay/

About Lao Duan Ni Clay-Old Duan http://www.ateatime.com/about-lao-duan-ni-clay-old-duan/

About Hei Ni Clay-Black Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-hei-ni-clay-black-clay/

About Da Hong Pao Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-da-hong-pao-clay/

About Green Ni Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-green-ni-clay/

About Hei Ji Xing Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-hei-ji-xing-clay/

About XiaoMeiYao Zhu Ni Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-xiaomeiyao-zhu-ni-clay/

About Mo Lv Ni Clay-Blackish Green ore Clay http://www.ateatime.com/about-mo-lv-ni-clay-blackish-green-ore-clay/

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You obviously have a lot of knowledge about different types of clay used for teapots, their uses and the chief advantages of each. An overview of that information would probably be more helpful to potential purchasers or those just generally interested. Then one could look for pots made of a particular type of clay (or pot style).

tperez said

Nice! I had been looking for some information like that

Ateatime said


Javan said

Thank you for this compilation. I appreciate it.

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