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organic, bottled iced tea company
tbritton said

Would love everyone’s help in getting funded, anyone have media connections?

Pretty cool! I like the idea of an easily-replaceable lid.

A little late to the game, but has anyone tried anything from Frui-Tea? ( I’m intrigued, but hesitant.

MelissaTea said

Looks good, but I haven’t heard of them before. The shipping cost seemed modest, so they may be worth a try.

Somewhat tea related kickstarter: Skull shaped tea spoon
I kinda want it, but uggg at the price since it be international shipping for me.

Dustin said

I was just looking at that one too! My feelings are similar, it is gorgeous, but the price is too steep. Still, it gives me a neat idea for earrings…

I want this sooo bad! Too bad about the price.

Dustin said

I backed this one the other day. Super excited the kickstarter is finally up and going!

lolainred said

I know this is an older discussion, but I didn’t know if you guys had seen the latest kickstarter from NovelTeas. The tins are gorgeous, and I had a chance to taste the Pride & Peppermint tea and really really love it. I’m dying for them to get funded so I can have the pretty tin, but mostly because I really want more of that tea!

Those are really neat tins!

Inkling said

The Pride and Peppermint tin is so pretty!!! But I despise chamomile, so I don’t think I would like the tea. :(

Kickstarter for a sourcing trip for South Korean teas. I’ve never come across a korean gaba tea before. Hwangcha is flipping amazing if you have never tried it before.

Lindsay said

“Manual Tea Maker No1” (basically a slight variation on the gaiwan?)
Looks pretty though, and the rewards come with tea. :)

I really enjoyed reading Nicole’s post on tea kickstarters:

I think she raises some good points you should keep in mind if you are interested in funding something. I would like to add that I funded the (non-tea) bee and puppycat back in the day. It looked solid: an entertaining pilot from a professional who worked on beloved Cartoon Network shows and backed by a respected independent animation studio. They had an idea, knowledge, know-how… 2 years later and it’s not finished, plus no physical rewards, plus the “free YouTube series” is now going to be released only on a paid subscription site I’ve never heard of. And the company supposibly has made a killing on selling shirts and plushies from day 1 without shipping them to backers. The most entertaining thing I’ve gotten from it so far is access to the angry KS comments section. So yah, beware…

Dustin said

A large percentage of crowdfunding campaigns never come through on their promises or rewards. My husband is still holding out hope on one that he funded a couple years ago! You are buying the dream of a product when you donate to crowdfunding and hope that dream comes true. It is a gamble and I think it’s important to view it realistically like that because there is no guarantee that they will come through with a product. You aren’t making a purchase or preorder where you have legal avenues to get your money back. It is a donation and the only obligation they have to come through for you is a moral one. There may be a payoff or there may be disappointment.

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